Five days to go


Yes, five days to go. This week goes something like this:

  •  The Boy graduates from middle school tonight (seriously?!)
  • It’s the second to last day of school (full of signing yearbooks, and in the Chick’s case going to the movies)
  • The movers arrive on Thursday. ThursDay. Friday night we sleep in a hotel and I’m not certain if we will ever sleep in this house again or not (we’ve made no real decisions about moving back into this house, though we will be moving back to Seattle. After London flat living, it’s going to seem way too big I think.)
  • We are down to five days till our plane tickets say we are supposed to be aboard. Even the dog is all set for her flight on Sunday. We still are missing THREE visas. I am trying not to completely freak out, and remember before we moved to Germany we only got plane tickets 3 days before we left. So miracles CAN happen. We have 30 day visas, supposed to arrive to us today, then we have to get our BRP (?) green cards once we arrive in London, picking them up from our local post office. We then use those to get in and out of the UK. The rules just literally changed as the Husband who got his visa in February doesn’t have one. He has a visa in his passport.
  • Have a million and one things to gather still, like medical records, and medicines, visit a notary so we can establish getting our mail forwarded, get Mocha her final vet checkup (praying that the vet doesn’t chuck out the papers the USDA stamped and sent back to them, because then my Scottish/Irish temper will be coming out in full force)
  • And have my children underfoot while the majority of this goes on.

What’s on your plate this week? I’m hoping mine doesn’t crack somewhere along the line, because I’m pretty sure the movers will have already packed the tape.

2 thoughts on “Five days to go

  1. Oh dear, sounds like a busy week. Reading about the missing visas made me feel nervous, as I’m applying for a visa soon as well, and that really is nerve wracking. Good luck!


    • There is a new system for UK visas that started May 31 apparently. You are issued a 30 day visa to enter the UK and then you pick up a BRP card (green card) at your local UK post office. It came through with 5 days to spare! Best of luck to you!


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