Last minute summer shopping

Good news! Our household goods shipment arrives in 13 days! Bad news! That’s the day after we get back from holiday in Prague where it’s going to be 90+ degrees all week.

Of course all my summer dresses are in there. See, in Seattle it doesn’t *normally* get hot above an occasional 80 degree day. So I own two pairs of shorts. No, I literally own three but only two actually fit (no idea why I’m keeping that other pair…) I have tons of lovely dresses for just such hot weather as we are to experience in Prague next week. Floaty, nice dresses. And they are all locked up in a sea container in port waiting to be passed through customs and delivered to me.

Woman carrying shopping bags

Normally, having to go shopping would be music to my ears (if not to The Husbands). But I am not finding much that really seems to fit correctly here except at Gap. Which makes me feel defeated because the fun of living in another country for me is to experience the brands and things I can’t get easily (or at all) in the US. I’ve been to Zara (which you can buy in the US as I said in my last post) but things just don’t seem to fit right. It’s all off somehow. A pair of pants I tried in a UK 6 (which is what I used to order from the UK store Boden, and which fit fine), I couldn’t even zip them up.

None of my other clothes are tight so I know I’ve not gained weight in the six weeks we’ve been here. If anything I would think I’m losing weight based on the 4-6 miles a day I’m averaging walking. (I checked. I’m actually the same weight I’ve been for nearly ten years now. Don’t hate me, my metabolism is just awesome that way.)

The thought of having to battle it out in the clearance section at Primark is not thrilling. For those that don’t know, Primark is like a very cheap, more teen fan based clothing store. It’s known as disposable clothing. But the key word is cheap, and I need cheap because I have great summer clothes, they are just locked away at the mercy of the British government.

So, the Chick and I will head off to Oxford Street today and battle the nightmare that will be of tourists and people and we will see what we find. I would much rather be doing laundry.

And that’s saying something…

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