The blog of silence

door in Prague

door in Prague

I haven’t written in 20-something days. There’s been a lot going on (a trip to Harry Potter Studios, Prague, school started, other things), but I haven’t felt much like writing about because it seems like whining (minus HP, because that was BRILLIANT!).

London and I aren’t getting along so well. I have learned in the past two plus months, that as much as I love visiting a city, and playing tourist, I don’t so much love living in a city.

Maybe I am a country girl at heart after all.

There are too many people. Everywhere. It could just be where we live (which is heavily touristy, but a bit less so now that summer has ended), but I’m tired of dodging suitcases trying to get to the park to walk my dog. Get out of the way. I also am hating walking the dog. 6 am is very early to be pulled from a warm bed to throw on pants to don a raincoat to walk a dog.

very early.

The city experience wears on a person. The noise is constant (forget opening windows unless you can tune it all out, which sometimes I can, and sometimes I can’t). My neighbors also love their music. Love. It. I, however, do not. The kids upstairs are like horses galloping all day long, clop clop across the floors. The dog tries to eat anyone who ends up getting on the elevator with us (all from behind my legs because she’s terrified of them). And waiting at home for a delivery sets me into serious anxiety. What if they come during the ten minutes I’m walking the dog?! Then what??

This is why I haven’t posted anything, because it’s not very positive or uplifting. It is still only two and a bit months in. They say three months is the magic everything-is-roses time. I was doing better when we first arrived because it was all exciting, and there were trips to fun on the weekends and all. But now that school has started, and I spend 40 mins a day walking to and from the bus stop (in addition to dog walking), things are becoming less fun. So many things were broken, not shipped, or missing when we unpacked a few weeks ago that it has been very disheartening. I’m longing for my cul-de-sac, and my neighbors yappy dogs, and even driving, yes, driving. I haven’t driven a car in over two months. That is a very weird thing. I have zero desire to drive in London, or even outside of London, but still it’s a little thing you miss simply for the convenience it represents. No waiting for the tube or bus, no standing cheek to squashed cheek with strangers, sweating all over, clutching at what’s left of your sanity just so you can go buy some soap.

I am hoping things will get better, that things will become more tolerable at the very least. We do have many, many more months to go.

If anything I can always look forward to October when we go to Rome, then Christmas back ‘home’ in New Jersey, and then tour of the distant motherland of Scotland in the spring.

At least the weather is familiar. Have raincoat, will travel.

2 thoughts on “The blog of silence

  1. you have done something wonderful AND scary. Moving to a new country let alone a new living situation (from country to city-life). Its all a very VERY big difference and lots to adjust to. It takes time to adjust to all new things and you have a TON of new things. You’ll adjust. Just keep thinking of the good things, the up-coming trips and there are good times to be had. Also, look at how quickly 2+ months have flown past! It won’t be long that you’ll have to decide if you want to move back because you’ve adjusted so well. HUGS my friend!


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