The Capsule Wardrobe: Project 333

I recently (um, yesterday) decided I wanted to do a capsule wardrobe, something I’d previously thought was very strange. Wouldn’t that get boring wearing the same thing day after day, after day? But then I realized I kind of do that already. Don’t I tend to pull the same things from my closet week in and week out? I almost always wear jeans, my standard uniform that can withstand rainy days and sunny days, dog walking, school run mornings, and can get me around a museum in comfort.

Jeans. Check.

But the rest? I really wasn’t sure what should be in a capsule wardrobe, and specifically what should be in my capsule wardrobe. For help, I consulted Pinterest (always a good place to start), and I found Project 333. You can read all about it, and how to start, and the rules, etc on the site. The basics are to whittle down what you own to 33 pieces of clothing, shoes (you can choose what you include in your own magic number; I chose not to include jewelry – because I wear the same 3-4 pieces every single day – and I nixed including coats since London weather is less than predictable, though I did sort through my coats and get rid of things I simply don’t wear). Those 33 pieces are what you will wear for the next 3 months, broken into seasons. It’s fall, so my capsule is a fall capsule. Though for me, who is chronically cold, it could also be a winter capsule. Those 33 pieces (or whatever the magic number is) are all that should be in your closet.

Here’s where I started, by laying out everything from my dresser (and I removed all the clothes from the closet and laid them out after I took the picture):


So. that’s a lot of stuff. Half of it, if not more, I stuck in the donate pile. I got caught up in the ‘sentimental’ keeping, where you keep an item because of where you bought it, or because someone gave it to you, or it was expensive (even though you never wear it). It just sits in the drawer taking up space, and as Project 333 says you keep paying for it (in guilt, for not wearing it). You don’t have to donate it straight off, if it’s too hard. But you definitely don’t want to see it everyday. Since I hung up everything in my closet (guess I didn’t really need that new dresser after all…), I put the items that were maybe’s into my dresser, and i plan to put tape on the drawer so that I really have to think about breaking that seal if I want an item from there. Awareness is really what is key in this project.

I put anything that wasn’t in the right season into Chick’s closet, or into a container. I did minimal sorting as I removed the out of season items, really only putting them into the donate pile if I definitely didn’t wear it. I’d prefer to do the donate/maybe/capsule sort at each season just to be sure. I might say no way to a top now when it’s so cold, but when summer comes around it might be an item I would include. There are still a lot of items in the donate pile, including items from my previous sort when our belongings first arrived here weeks ago.

How exactly I’m getting these items to an Oxfam shop or elsewhere I don’t know. It’s a lot to carry on a bus. Here’s where I ended after my sort, my Fall (part winter) Capsule: {jeans 4, other pants 2, leggings 1, skirts 3, dresses 2, sweaters (pullover and cardigan) 12, tees 3, button down 1, long sleeve tops 3, dressy/silk top 1, GRAND TOTAL: 32, (not everything is pictured)}


I really, really hope I like these items as I’ll be wearing them for the next 99 days. Getting dressed was pretty easy this morning, which was good as I was completely knackered, as I usually am by Friday mornings. At 6 am on Fridays I’m usually resetting the alarm for an additional ten minutes and saying I’ll shower after I take the kids to the bus stop.

This morning was no exception. Grabbing this outfit was easy (though I added the cardigan and scarf after I got back from the bus. As I said before, I’m perpetually cold, and always layering up at home and de-laying when I go out.


It’s not a great picture, but you get the idea. (And incidentally, the dress hanging there, it’s a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, one of those guilt items I’ve worn twice in 3 years but can’t seem to get rid of…) I’m still not sure if I’m crazy to be trying this project, and there might be a few holes in my capsule (a few items such as layering t-shirts were in the wash, and one needs to be replaced, as I discovered it had a stain when I went to hang it up).

This could be the start of something great though. I have a ton of capsule wardrobes pinned on Pinterest, and I wish my capsules were exact replicas of some of them because they just look bloody fantastic. I plan to try to take a picture of each day and put links up under a Project 333 tab in the navigation. {I only took the one picture, because then it was the weekend, and then I really just sort of forgot until the following Thursday} If I see each day and outfit, it will help me to really see what might be missing (because I like what I picked for my capsule, but I only love a few of the items, so maybe I need to rethink and add/subtract items??)

No matter what might change with the actual items in my capsule, I hope I do stick to a capsule for the season. By committing to greener living and ethical purchases, and a minimalist wardrobe, I’ll have time to focus on the things that matter a bit more.

Like afternoons at the art museum!

4 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe: Project 333

  1. Love love loved reading this. I feel exactly the same as you, you could have been describing my life. I’ve also just decided to do this on what i thought was a whim but the more I think about it the longer I have wanted to do this but just wasn’t sure how to. Come on tema #project333 xxx


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