Never dream via Pinterest, you’ll get in trouble every time

Pinterest, that deadly little time-suck. It is a dangerous place to hang out in the mornings (or probably anytime, but morning is when I visit). It’s so easy to click a bit, and then click a bit more, and before you know it, it’s 9:30, you haven’t showered, dishes are piled up and you’ve a mountain of laundry and errands to crack on with.

It happens.

It happened to me this morning. I can dream on all sorts of things; craft project pins, fashion pins, interior design pins, but the one I keep pinning (and the cause of this morning’s post), home plan pins.

Oi. I could pin for days. I love home plans. Always have, always will. Ever since I was a kid. I even spent my allowance on a bunch of home plan books and would circle and envision the ones I liked the best. I started my college career as an architecture student. My mom used to take me to the Home Show, or Parade of Homes, where you visit new developments and see model homes. To this day, if there is a new model home to see, I might just visit and create some sort of story so the agents don’t think I’m completely looney.

About 18 months ago, the Husband and I planned to build a house in Seattle. We looked at land, scoured the internet, spoke to a few builders, went nuts researching just how complicated it is to build in King County, and then, didn’t end up building anything. We couldn’t find land in the same school where our son was then a 7th grader. All the property we could find that was within easy reach of the highway for the Husband to get downtown to work, and had some decent land size, little to no (or at least far away) neighbors, a view, any or all of the above; none were within the school boundary.

Actually, there was one. A 22 acre plot of land that was beautiful. BeauTIFul. It had serious issues, like having had illegally cleared wetlands by the previous owners, needing permission to go across someone elses land to get to the property and the fact that it had no septic, well, or even a road/driveway. But simply put, it was the dream land of land, surrounded by state forest, tucked back into an enclave of horse farms and near a stream.

AcerageROAD Acreage

*cue the angels*

As much as we wanted that to be the one, it was not possible. There was a very good reason it had been for sale for years, and that was simply put: because getting the proper building permits and rectifying the wetlands issue and building the road was  really, really complicated.

There was also this one that also (of course!) had issues like the wrong school district, no well, no septic, steep land, and who knows what else, but it had the lake view I have always wanted.


The other day, the Husband and I were chatting on messenger while he was between meetings, and he told me that our house in Seattle will be attached to the new elementary school going in up the street. That was good news, but I pointed out that by the time we move back in 2017, Chick would be in middle school, so it didn’t really matter. He said it would be Kick Butt for resale value (not that we are planning to sell…yet, especially as we were only there a year before moving to London). I agreed, and made the joke that resale was good especially if we were finally going to build when we move back. He replied with ‘hmm, I’d have to think about that.’ Interesting. When we get back, our son will be in high school, and there’s only ONE high school in our district. And with our daughter going to middle school, it really doesn’t matter which of the two she ends up in. {You see where this is going, right?}

Innocuous enough, but of course it started me down the Pinterest path (and let’s face it, I have four separate boards of house plans based on style, Barn Homes, Modern Homes, Tiny Houses,and Ranch Houses. I have a beach themed board, favorite places and spaces board, etc etc.

After I came across this plan (that would have been KILLER on the 22 acres, or the lake view land), I had to take a step back and cut off the crazy-train of Pinterest time-suck. Because I could really sit here

If I have learned anything from Pinterest, it’s that whoever thought it up must sit back and laugh, at all of us stuck to our screens, while they are off on their yacht, counting their millions.

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