Project 333: One month in

I’m one month into my journey with Project 333, and so far, I’m doing okay. Well, I bought a few things beyond my planned additions, but I did nix others from my ’33’. The most important thing I have learned so far is that I need a mix of fall and winter in my ‘fall capsule’. The weather (and my own need for lots of layers to keep above freezing), is too unpredictable in London. I’ve also been trying to figure out what I actually like.

One of the biggest problems is liking the items I picked enough to keep them in the capsule. Some pieces, after only two wearings, I’m sick of, and I realized they just didn’t work enough for me to keep them. I kind of wanted to chuck everything and start from scratch ( like literally go shopping and pick out all new stuff), which completely defeats the purpose and goes against my attempt to be more conscious and ethical in my habits.

The one surprise I’ve discovered is that my bright wardrobe of pinks, and blues, and purple-ish colors, have been mostly converted to grey/dark blues/blacks for my fall capsule. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s November and I am matching my clothes to the weather outdoors, or those are really the colors I’m drawn to. There’s a grey sweater from & Other Stories that I seriously want to wear everyday. It’s the perfect weight, not too too hot, not too cold, it’s soft and just flat-out comfortable.

I also love my Finisterre sweater but it’s very, very hot for London right now. That’s the kind of sweater that will come in handy in Alaska or Norway in winter. But it’s insanely soft and so very lovely, I almost want it to start snowing…(almost).

In the pants department, I’m coming to realize either I consistently buy the wrong size (likely because I get sucked into a sale, or say or, well, I’ll just tuck a shirt in to make them fit right), or my body has changed in the four months (four months already!?) that we’ve been in London. It’s probably a combination of both. I love the Nudie jeans I bought, I think after almost a month of wearing and not washing they are starting to stretch a bit. Dry denim has a mind of it’s own and you just have to go with it. That definitely takes awhile and I nearly returned them many times because they just felt so small. Patience.

Project 333 has definitely been a good idea for me, I just need to stick with it and learn about what works for me, my life and my body.

*link to some of the items in my capsule via Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Project 333: One month in

  1. Great post, I know exactly what you mean, I tend to wear the same 10 items on rotation and the things that I know need ironed I don’t even bother with. Also I wish I could find 33 brand new items for my Summer wardrobe but we’re saving up so I’m gonna have to suck it up and make do. Come on #333 heal me lol. xx


    • We don’t have a dryer here (😩) so everything gets ironed, usually while watching Downton Abbey. My spring/summer wardrobe is ok-ish but I’m looking at it from winter so who knows what’ll look like come May! I think I need more of a 2 season capsule since it’s not (usually) super hot or super cold. I don’t really get much chance to wear shorts here.

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