A history lesson

I am huge history person, as in enormously interested in anything historical. Old castle? I’m in. 900 page book on Irish history? I’ll read it. Tv shows about farming in the tudor/victorian/edwardian era’s? I’ll make the popcorn. I’ll even admit to having a secret binge-worthy crush on the semi-soapy tv show Reign, which takes place during Mary Queen of Scots time as Queen of France.

I can’t get enough of history. I often wish to go back in time and live as they did in the 18th-19th centuries. It was simpler, easier (in a way), and just seems so much more preferable than the 21st century. Those people who sign up to live four months like the colonists did in 1640, that would be me. I’m absolutely burned out on modern technology like smart phones, and social media. If I could have my dream, it would look like this:

A farm style house (or maybe colonial style, I’m not fussed either way), in the middle of 25 acres of land with trees, fields for horses (goats, sheep, maybe chickens?? definitely horses and dogs), a lazy stream running nearby, or maybe a swimming pond, and a kitchen garden (my dismal track record with house plants aside.). No matter what it would be devoid of seeing any neighbors houses, hearing any screaming children, cars, buses, loud music, etc.

Hmm, maybe I do prefer farmhouses…

Anyway, it would just be a more calming place than the middle of London.

Recently, I’ve been reading some great books on Mary Queen of Scots (this one and this one). My great great grandparents on one side emigrated from Scotland, and my great grandparents on the other side emigrated from Ireland. I’ve always been keenly interested in Ireland (still my absolute-hands-down-don’t-even-have-to-think-about-it favorite place). We are going back to Ireland (this time to Dublin) in January, and we are going to Scotland for half term break in April. The Husband goes to Scotland all the time for work (he’s actually there now), but this will be my very first time, and I cannot wait.

My bookshelves are crammed with history books, books on the American revolution (I’ve even been doing this online class through Yale Opencourse), Lincoln, the civil war, Ireland, the Tudors (specifically Elizabeth I and Henry VIII), and Marie Antoinette. I find it all fascinating. If I ever decide to actually go back to school, it would definitely be in some sort of history program.

I think maybe we all want to go to a different era than our own at some point or another. I know I definitely would. If there is a weeklong ‘live the experience’ vacation package to another era, then seriously, sign me up.


*If you enjoy a good series of historical fiction, this romance-driven series takes place in the 18th and 20th centuries (well mostly the 18th, just trust me). I read the first book back in 2005, and it hooked me like no other for all things historical. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, currently 8 books, more on the way, and was made into a tv series on Starz last year. Season Two premiering in 2016 (season 1 available on Amazon Instant Video, and free for Prime members.)

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