2015, good, bad, indifferent


So, it’s New Years Eve (maybe? maybe that’s tomorrow? I really don’t know. I’m working on a cross of a 5 hour time difference jet lag after spending 9 days in the US, and a lovely sore throat/cold/feeling of death thing.) Either way, it’s another year down. The past year has been anything but predictable in our house:

we moved (okay, YES, that’s predictable for us, but we moved to another country. Always in our realm of possibilities, but I think everyone thought we were done with that, including us. Fooled you.)

my baby officially became a teenager and is now in high school. (what.the.hell.)

we’ve done a lot of traveling (Hawaii, Prague, Rome, US. when I list it, it doesn’t seem like much. maybe it’s because I know we have Dublin, Germany & Scotland coming up this spring. US, Spain/Portugal & Switzerland coming up in the summer/fall)

we’ve seen a ton of cathedrals, palaces, old towns, historical monuments, and touristy bits in our six months in London. I have pretty much loved every single one of them.

I’ve been to see the Goya exhibit at the National Gallery three times since October, and I am going to a movie screening/lecture on Goya in two weeks. yes, I am just that insane over Goya’s stunning portraits. I plan to add a print of this lady to my walls. because she’s just fantastic.


the Ai WeiWei exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts was exceptional. so much meaning is hidden (and not hidden) in his work, I recommend snapping up a ticket if he ever comes within a five hour distance of where you are. I had never before seen his work, but heard a lot of press, so I went on a whim. I was not disappointed.

I have learned to navigate the tube and bus like a local. I’ve picked up plenty of tips on sidewalk road-rage as well. damn tourists.

we moved house (within London) and are now in a far more happy home. that comes with space, and no tourists. (merry christmas to me.)

my rosacea is living up to it’s winter reputation and has spawned a host of beauty purchases. just glance at my instagram for my latest please-cure-this-cream/potion/serum. my favorites so far are still Kate Somerville Nourish, and Sisley Black Rose Cream Face Mask. neither are cheap, but both are marvelous. Other wonders are Ole Henriksen The Works mini-kit (untried as yet), and Sunday Riley Luna Nighttime Sleeping Oil (one use in, and I’m thinking that was a super fun $105 error, not just on my part {thanks giant beauty superstore for giving me bad advice and the wrong product at checkout. I will remember in future to double check before I think you’ve given me the product I actually asked for – Sunday Riley Good Genes.}

I’ve been working from a 38 piece wardrobe for three months now, and I really haven’t minded at all. in fact it’s made getting dressed in the morning far easier.

it’s hard to believe it’s already been six months since we moved to London. when I reflect on what is still to come, I tend to think in terms of vacations (since we are squeezing in every part of Europe possible in the next 18 months), and we’ve ear marked through February 2017. then it’s only three little months until I’ll be 40 (holy hell) and sitting in a different kitchen writing about where the time went.

anyone else feel like life is moving along in a flash? I’ll have to quote Ferris Beuller on this one:


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