Fashion Favorites: LFW

It’s London Fashion Week, and while I am getting excited to go to the trend show on Sunday, I’ve been internet stalking for the latest LFW street styles. The designs at the shows themselves are interesting (if usually unrealistic in the real world), but I really enjoy seeing what people wear to the shows. If it wasn’t 34 degrees outside, and I didn’t have somewhere to be this morning, I would go hang out around the LFW venues and see all the looks. It seems to be a cross between cool/weird/ummm/fantastic.

Some of my favorites:






The top two are from British Vogue, and the bottom two are from Olivia Palermo. I can’t remember if the next one was from fashion week (I think maybe NYF), but I love all the layers, and honestly, the warmth!


I keep going back and forth on what I’m wearing. I love this look (and I bought the shirt because a) it’s STRIPES! b) it’s gorgeous cherry red c) I love a little J Crew prep.


I don’t have a camel coat (I’ve looked but I already own so many coats {hello, my name is andrea, and i have a coat addiction}, I couldn’t justify spending on one. My only hope was a charity shop and I didn’t find anything. I do have (less) distressed jeans in a lighter wash, and red heels though.

Originally I had planned to wear this sweater from Zara in the lovely emerald green, with my Original Threads double breasted wool coat in the same color, with either black pants from BR or maybe my Nudie jeans.


Or maybe this top from Boden and black pants, or jeans. I really can’t figure out what to wear except I want to look good/fashionable/non-housewife-momish.


So, who knows? I could end up wearing something else entirely, though I don’t have tons in the closet that’s ‘fashion-show’ eligible, at least not in the current 34 degree temperatures. If it was a fall fashion show, and therefore September I’d have a decent shot at wearing this dress which I bought on clearance last year from J. Crew and haven’t had a chance to wear yet.


I have lots of other fashion week looks in my Pinterest but I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing up close.

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