London Fashion Weekend

Yesterday, I went with a  group of women to London Fashion Week’s ‘Weekend’ which the public can buy tickets to. The woman organizing the event for the group I went with had already picked tickets to the trend show, so that’s what we all ended up at.

Honestly, I’d have loved to have gone to the Emilia Wickstead show, but it was on Thursday night. This fall when they have the SS/17 fashion weekend, I will probably pick a designer show versus the ‘trend’ show. The coming trends were all something I already knew from reading Vogue etc and following fashion blogs. But it was still fun, more for the people watching than anything else. There are some seriously crazily dressed people in the world at fashion shows. Out of respect I didn’t take pictures of them, but some people are very creative to say the least.

Here are the coming ‘trends’ for AW/16:

Floral Botanicals


The pictures aren’t perfect because have you ever tried to capture a moving model from the side under bright lights?!


I really really love this coat:



Americana was next:


Pop Art:






And New Romance:


Admittedly, I may have some of the pop art and Americana mixed up, they were kind of the same to me. It’s safe to say sailor/military looks are in, florals are still going strong, and pretty much anything goes.

They also had shopping afterwards downstairs, where you could shop some of the trends you saw on the catwalk. Personally, I saw Winser London the second I walked in the shopping room door, and pretty much didn’t move until I’d selected two items, forked over my card, and walked away giddy with two items at less than half price retail. I’ve been poring over the luxe items at Winser London for some time, mostly thanks to my love of all things Emma Watson (who is frequently snapped in their clothes). I picked up these lovely little gems:

Milano Double Breasted Coat (retail 250, LFW 99)



Cotton Stripe Jumper (retail 65, LFW 39)

These were my favorite takeaways though: stripes, clean lines, classic looks. If it could be described as classic or preppy; I’m there.

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