the 10×10 capsule challenge

I’ve become lax (for lack of a better word) with my capsule wardrobe. Since ‘summer’ has arrived in the UK – the one week in May when we have temperatures above 70’s degrees that constitutes summer – I switched out all my sweaters and pulled out my t-shirts….and then I hit a wall. My closet is full of long sleeved shirts, and inexplicably, button down long sleeve shirts. I didn’t think I wore button ups much but I have about 9 in there at the moment. The tricky part of this capsule is the varying degrees of weather, as I say at every capsule post.

It’s London. If the weather were predictable it’d be Arizona.

Today, currently, right this second, it’s 64 and sunny. But by 4 pm it’s supposed to be raining, and by 5:30 when I walk .50 miles one way to collect my child from the school bus, it’ll be really rainy and 50 degrees. So while I am wearing at skirt at present, I’ll likely be wearing jeans and wellies at pick up.

This morning’s walk to and from the bus at 7:30 was gorgeous though. I didn’t even really need a coat. {give me two minutes to appreciate not wearing a coat, something that I haven’t been able to do in about 8 months, I have yet in fact to put away my down coat, because I wore it only 2 weeks ago}

I was reading The Lovely Laura Life and she recently talked about her 10×10 challenge. Hmm, what’s that? It’s the idea of picking ten items from your closet and wearing ONLY those ten items for the next ten days {exceptions underwear, exercise clothes for actual exercising, pajamas, accessories like scarves}. 10×10. And I thought, why not?!

The Husband thinks I am nuts.

He’s probably right.

The point of the exercise is to challenge yourself to be creative, be unique, and find your fashion mojo. Those are my reasons anyway. The blog below gives a lot more elegant reasons on why to try the 10×10 challenge. Read all about 10×10 on Style This Life a blog I just discovered, but one that seems to be similar in vibe to myself. Fashion, capsule wardrobes, ethical shopping. I also like StyleBee but my internet does not like loading their site. at.all.

Here are my 10 picks from my Pinterest board (with links).

Gap Broken In Khakis/J Crew Perfect Shirt/7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans (thrifted)

J Crew Back Zip Stripe top/AG Jeans Denim skirt (similar shown)/J Crew Tretorn Sneakers

J Crew Red Boatneck top/White Stuff Sabine Denim Shirt Dress


I am missing one item because I haven’t completely decided on a second shoe option or adding another shirt option. I had planned to pick my Nike Flex sneakers since my foot is back in ‘freak out’ mode and I need to wear something supportive for all the walking I do on a daily basis {yay! city life}. I originally chose my new blue Converse* but after I saw the J Crew ones I think I’ll end up returning the chucks because the J Crew is more the style I wanted. (These will replace my once-white Converse tieless summer chucks.)

Today I am wearing the denim skirt and blue/white stripe 3/4 sleeve back-zip top. This may be the most crazy attempt at ‘fixing’ my closet yet, but it is interesting to see if I can actually stick with it. Now if I could just find a white background, a free hair and makeup artist, and someone to take the pictures, this blog would look a whole lot nicer. (that and go back to participating in social media) 

Find inspiration from the 20 piece summer capsule over at StyleBee and the 21 piece winter mini-capsule on  Style This Life.

Would you ever work from a capsule wardrobe? What do you think of the 10×10 Challenge?

*I know Converse are the worst things possible for feet. I have custom prescription inserts I move into all my shoes thanks to my never-ending 13 years ago foot surgery nerve damage saga. boo. makes those heels in my closet that I adore nothing but decorative.

**apologies for misspellings, random out of place words, or other errors in this post. it’s hard to concentrate when you have roofers with tools banging away a mere 20 feet from your kitchen windows

5 thoughts on “the 10×10 capsule challenge

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  2. I’m thrilled to see you’re trying this challenge all the way across the pond! That’s wonderful! Looks like you’re off to a great start and I hear you about the weather. Southern Ontario is just as unpredictable. You might be onto to something by waiting to add your final items though. Looking forward to reading about how the challenge goes for you!

    Ps. Sorry to hear my blog doesn’t load well for you. I’ll look into a remedy for that asap. XO

    – Lee


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