Sunny Sunday

Today marks the return of summer in London. It is 70+ degrees, and I am loving {most} of it. It is hot in the house and we’ve nothing to do today but laze around {insert online shopping, researching tropical vacations, and planning out and adding to Mom and Chick’s Imaginary Ranch}. We did however make a run to M&S for milk and cereal, because although Ocado made a delivery this morning, I forgot the milk and cereal (story of my life).

I thought I would try to post a outfit photo. Please ignore the lighting, editing, and the weird look on my face. I used a the camera on a tripod set up on the third floor {which is boiling}. Since we don’t have a blank wall I can use, or enough space anywhere {city living!}, the upstairs hall/landing is what I’ve got to work with. The weather is supposed to be nice all week so maybe if I clear up the patio, there’s a hope of an outdoor shot if I remember to take one.


On to the outfit: Jumpsuit, Hush / Sandals, Birkenstock Arizona / Fedora, Gap

Today was the first time that I’ve worn the jumpsuit, but it is epically comfortable, and I can see this working well for upcoming trips flying to the US. The sandals are actually the shoes I wear around the house, and I can’t believe it, but I am in love with them. I had a pair years ago in high school, the first time Birkenstocks became an ‘it’ item, and I have once again found the love {ugly or not}.


I can hardly believe it but there are only two more weeks of the kids being school, then its a short month until we head to our much anticipated vacation in Seattle/Idaho. Ten days of hopefully wonderful weather, catching up with family at the lake and pretty much just doing nothing.

I am a water/beach/sun loving person, and I really do think it is my Happy Place. The evidence from my birthday weekend makes it pretty clear that the beach is where I want to be.


Rhossili Beach, Swansea, Wales


Three Cliffs Beach, Wales


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