Outfit of the day(s)

Wednesday’s look, about two minutes before the heavens opened up. I like this shirt which I found at Mary’s Living & Giving charity shop on the Chiswick high street. But it wrinkles like the devil. I ironed it the night before, hung it in the closet and after about 3 hours this is what it looked like. This was the first time I wore it, and I definitely think it’s super cute for summer, but definitely not for something where you need to look polished. It’s also kind of thick. I had to go to Westfield to return some things, and while it’s always like a sauna in there, I was sweating by the time I left in this.


Linen top, Monsoon (thrifted); Capris, Simply Vera Wang for Kohls (old); Flats, Adrienne Vittadini, (old); Bracelets, Lokai; Wedding rings, Scott Kay, Robbins Diamonds (15 years old!)

Can we just spend a minute on what the heck is up with my flippy hair?! This is what happens after you get a Claire Underwood haircut and then decide to grow it out. Flip happens. {and that was the moment I decided to buy a flat iron}

Below is the outfit I am wearing to the V&A Museum today with some friends. We are going to see this Paul Strand photography exhibit. It was a last minute text at 7 this morning asking if anyone wanted to go. I am pretty sure I tried on 4 different outfits trying to wear one of the dresses in my closet that never get taken out on the town. White jeans for the tube is probably not smart (and white twice in one week!?), especially since I care more about the full-price paid white jeans than the top I bought thrifted for 10 quid. Fingers crossed I make it through the day without getting anything on me. {Don’t you love the dog photobombing the picture behind the door?}


Olive top, Banana Republic, similar; White skinny jeans, Banana Republic, similar; Coat, Mint Velvet, similar options; Wedges, Life Stride; Bag, Merona from Target (old), Bracelets, (old); Necklace, LOFT Ann Taylor, (old); Glasses, Kate Spade (old), Earrings, Kohls (old); Ring, Monica Vinander

Tomorrow I might throw on the Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress that has sat, lonely and neglected in my closet for the past 4 years. It’s one of those items I talked about here that I feel guilt about getting rid of because even though I bought thrifted off ThredUP, it was still pricey. I think I’ve worn it once. The biggest problem is people are always asking why I am dressed up if I wear a skirt. The outfit I wore on Monday, a simple long sleeve tee and a cotton skirt had friends asking if I’d had an event that morning. It shouldn’t matter what others say/think/do but I do feel weird being out of sync with my surroundings. London is definitely more formal than the yoga culture of Seattle (which I hate. Workout clothes are for working out, and not food shopping, or Target, or dinner, or for wearing with heeled shoes {which I’ve seen} Period.)

I ordered a remote timer for my camera so hopefully I can take a series of pictures where I’m not in some sort of weird position because I’m pushing the timer and then running to get in the shot. And hopefully I can sort out focus and etc.

The takeaway from my 5 days of photographing and tracking my outfits is that it’s forced me to be more creative and really think about the complete outfit and add accessories (which I don’t really wear much of) instead of  just throwing on jeans with everything.

Do you record your outfits? Do you find it helps you be more put together?

One thought on “Outfit of the day(s)

  1. beautiful! i love your top 😀 i just take pictures for instagram and a few times for my blog – i just enjoy getting dressed 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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