Schools out for summer! {what now?}

Whew! What a week. Tomorrow the kids have a half day for their last day of school, and I can’t believe the year is finished. Next Wednesday, 22 June, we will have been in London for exactly one year. I can’t believe that’s here already (and thank goodness, one year down, one to go). As always at the end of the school year, it’s been kind of nuts with school parties, birthday parties, award ceremonies, field trips etc etc. I am looking forward to sleeping in come Monday morning {which basically means until 7, because let’s face it, the sun comes up at 4:30 and when you’ve been getting up at 6:20 for a year, your body just doesn’t let you sleep anymore}.


Arrival in London, 22 June 2015

Today was the 9th grade awards ceremony at school {proud mom moment: The Boy was recognized for excellence in chemistry}, and looking at the kids it made me realize what a different experience my kids are having than when I was in school. Not just the mix of cultures and languages they are around everyday going to an international school with students and faculty from over 50 countries represented, but how small the school is. For the entire Kindergarten through 12th grade there are only 570 students. In just my high school graduating class there were over 360 students. I think there are a total of 50 kids in the 9th grade, and my daughter’s 4th grade is one of the largest grade in school requiring two classes. Most of lower school has only one class of about 16-20 kids per grade.

Kind of crazy. In Seattle they both went to public schools which were the typical big affairs of 100-200 kids per grade, but I think the small nature of the school has been nice for them {at least I hope so}. The education they are receiving, half the teachers have Dr in front of their names if that gives you a hint, is pretty damn incredible and the choices of what they get to study isn’t have bad either. In high school they can chose psychology, business economics, geography, printmaking, fashion design, film…definitely a lot more choices than my pubic high school where I think we could chose community service, home economics, pottery, or keyboarding.

The private {highly competitive} London school circuit is no joke. In that sense I wish The Boy would come and say he wants to finish his high school career here. Because the benefits of an IB degree on a college application looks very good. And it’s definitely rigorous, the seniors take an entire 3 weeks of doing nothing but studying for their exams which last about two weeks. It’s no joke, and I’m not sure I would have survived it! I know The Boy does want to go back to Seattle after next year, but if he came to us and said he wanted to stay I think we’d have to figure it out to finally give him a choice {instead of moving him whether he wants to or not. he most definitely did NOT want to move to London}.

The Chick, she’s ultra flexible. So long as she has her pencils and books, she’ll live anywhere!

I haven’t captured any outfits this week simply because I’ve been busy and the weather has been awful, and not optimal for photographing (and I didn’t wear anything exciting because of the rain). I have come to the realization that wide leg linen pants are lovely, lovely things, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to feel the same way again about skinny jeans {thanks to Lee at StyleBee, whose wardrobe I would love to steal}. I’m also that bit in love with my jumpsuit. Totally comfortable, and lounge worthy.

33 days until we fly back to Seattle for ten days, then The Boy goes to tech camp (where they are making laser tag thingies; seriously, all I did at summer camp was swim, canoe, and get lost in the forest, things have changed), then another 30 and the school years starts all over again. We aren’t even one day into vacations and already it feel’s like it’s almost over!

Are your kids out for summer? What plans do you have to keep them occupied?!

2 thoughts on “Schools out for summer! {what now?}

  1. Jakes is with me for the summer and he’s getting a JOB! lol At 17 he needs to start saving money for a car/insurance etc. It does seem like its a short summer vacation for the kids over there. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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