Closet Favorites

Some items in my closet are Hero’s, always there for me when I need them. A few items are recent Hero’s and even a few I haven’t gotten my hands on yet {since The Kettles* have them in America, and I’ll retrieve during holiday next month – the downside to falling in love with a sold in America-only brand}

Here are a few of my recent hero additions:

The Sailor Jean from Boden


I’m wholeheartedly, head over heels for these jeans. So comfortable, stylish, and fun! And by random luck of it being the last size, and me feeling like taking a risk, I learned that the petite size is the perfect fit.

Mid-Rise Vegan Leather Leggings from Abercrombie and Fitch


These haven’t arrived yet but I am very much looking forward to wearing them with long boyfriend style sweatshirts, button up relaxed fit shirts. Basically anything that could possibly be called ‘comfortable’.

Alize Flats from Aldo


I saw the Aquazurra Christy flats over on Alyssa Campanella (Coombs) website, The A-List {could she be any cuter/stylish? I would love to spend an afternoon in her closet.} I fell in love. But at $675, that’s way, waaaay beyond my budget. I can’t wait until they arrive on Friday. This pair was on half price (at under 30 quid!), and I really think they are similar to the Christy. They could go with skirts, dresses, shorts; anything! Because it is a full flat shoe (and not cut out on the sides like lots of tie-up ballet flats) I can actually wear my shoe inserts with them. Yay! So happy feeling feet and style!

Linen Trousers from Next


I have the linen wide leg pants in green, and while a more olive tone would have been perfect, these are so comfortable I don’t mind too much they are more emerald in color.

Other items I’m looking forward to meeting at The Kettles:


All items from Everlane – Texture Tee, Cotton Stripe Tank Dress, Dipped Mini Backpack, Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

I also admit to this, this, and this from Need Supply. It’s going to be a good summer. Do you have any Hero’s in your closet? Something you wear all the time?

Musical inspiration whilst writing this post.

*The Kettles – aka My Parents

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