Photo Inspiration: Grey

Monday’s can always use some inspiration. It’s not a grey day here in London, but I still love these images. The paintbrushes make me feel creative, and I am planning to start testing out painting with oil colors, something I haven’t done previously. I like finding images that can tell a story; what art inspiration was created with these brushes? Something modern, or maybe a landscape?

Images that are all in the same tone can help use create and set a mood, the same way music can. When I sit down to write, typically I listen to music. The style I choose often depends on what I’m writing. For each piece I have in progress, I actually have playlists set to help capture the mood of the story. I also put on music when I cook, something either rhythmic and soothing, or upbeat and bright. It helps to create a positive mood, which reflects in my cooking.

I love taking time to start the day by reading through my daily blogs, and then going over to Pinterest (where these images are from – captions are links to these images and credits) and pinning images that either provoke me to think or feel something. By trying to start the day this way, it feels more positive and creative.

Hopefully every Monday, or possibly more often, I will post images that have the same style theme or in the case of these pictures a color theme.


What do you do to keep creative and add inspiration to your day?

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