A day at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens just outside London is one of our favorite places to visit. Since we have a membership, and it’s only two tube stops and a short walk, we visit frequently. It’s a wonderful place to explore for flower lovers, and for those who love to be outside in general. While there are often a lot of school groups there, Kew is so big you don’t have to worry about crowds.


The Chick and I made a stop at Kew yesterday. We tend to go once a week, and since it is summer holidays, two to three times a week. We wandered from the Victoria Gate to the far right through the Winter Garden and the Plant Family Beds up to Kew Palace. {map here}



There’s nothing that compares to walking through a beautiful flower garden, the perfume in the air is wonderful, and for me at least, it’s an instant mood lifter. There’s also nothing quite like seeing poppies growing with abandon either. I even managed to capture a bee gathering nectar.



The colors as we walked through the Plant Family Beds were incredible {no filters or touch-ups on these pictures, just amazing natural colors}. I can’t name the flowers we saw but I want all of them to live in my garden.


They also have a vegetable & fruit garden, the Kitchen Garden, which supplies food for their restaurants. I think one day we will have to stop and eat at Kew Gardens because everything looked wonderful!


I loved the peppers, but they also had snap peas, squash, zucchini, cabbage and strawberries amongst others.

They also have beautiful water lily ponds, and wonderful flowers and plants along the Broad Walk. I couldn’t absorb enough of their beauty.


I even caught snack time in the Secluded Garden among the bamboo.


Kew was even doing some filming of their own. {photographers in the wild!}



Do you have a garden you like to visit? What sort of things bring you happiness in the wild?


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