OOTD: Bright Stripes


Wednesday I took The Chick to see the Undressed exhibit at the V&A Museum. Yes, it’s a brief {haha} history of underwear. I was surprised to find it called ‘underwear’ because what Americans call underwear is actually called pants in England. Pants are called trousers in the UK. It’s one of those weird American English vs British English things. And yes, you do need a cheat sheet or a dictionary sometimes to figure out exactly what people mean. {tea time isn’t about drinking tea, it’s frequently what people in the UK call dinner. which in some places in the US dinner can mean either lunch or supper. even American English is confusing depending which part of the country you’re in.}

I’m trying to wear more skirts/dresses, and I found I really liked wearing this thickish cotton skirt. It’s sort of like sweatshirt material on the inside, there’s a weight to it but it’s not hot if that makes any sense at all.


skirt, Joe Fresh (old), ethical option, Bridge&Burn; knit top, Marie Sixtine; ballet flats, (old); watch, Radley; necklace (old)

The knit top is new, and I’m completely in love. It’s very soft and comfortable, and has a slightly longer length in the back which will be nice with my vegan leather leggings and these boots. I recently discovered two boutiques near me {way too close for The Husbands comfort} that sell a lot of French brands like Marie Sixtine and Sessun. {pardon me while I swoon} The skirt is old and I admit to only having worn it a few times. I think part of my problem with buying skirts is that I love them, buy them, and then realize I don’t have anything to wear with them. So they languish in the closet sobbing their eyes out while all the other pretty things get to go out and play.

I might be exaggerating, but for some reason J Crew skirts tend to do a lot of crying in my closet. I have two, bought last year and I haven’t worn either one. They looked great in the store when I tried them on, and I was all excited about them, but when I put them on at home…not so much. I do have them in the closet in ‘backward hanger’ mode {I turn the hangers backwards so after a certain amount of time, if it’s still the same way, I know it’s time for it to go}. It’s hitting critical time for both of them.


I did not actually wear these shoes to the museum, and now that I look at the photo I realize they don’t quite work. In the end I went for comfort for walking around on marble floors and wore my Tretorn shoes. On Sunday I wore my Alize lace -up flats to the transportation fair on Regent Street and got two small blisters. So I played it safe yesterday.


This picture is the perfect way to show just how huge a terraced Edwardian London house is. This is the entryway of our house, our couch wouldn’t fit in the door, or down the hallway {and it gets narrower as you go down the hall, down two steps and into the kitchen, scary but true, also ignore the curtain in the hall. it’s to keep out winter drafts under the front door}. This is part of the reason why it’s hard to get pictures. There simple isn’t enough room to tripod the camera and get a full length picture.

Today, I’m taking the kids to see Benjamin Franklin’s house and then spend a few hours wandering around Waterstones glorious 5 story bookshop. I’m fairly certain my husband has disabled my debit card. Because you know….


2 thoughts on “OOTD: Bright Stripes

  1. this top is beautiful – very french! 🙂 the undressed exhibit sounds very cool too!
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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