Trying to find the sunshine

Today’s inspiration post is one I really need. We woke up to find our reservation for a lake house (that’s supposed to start in ten days, 5000 miles from London) was cancelled because of a legal fight between the people who own the house and their neighbors.

How that can actually be right to do to people coming from 5000 miles away is beyond me, and to say I’m utterly angry is not even close. We’ve spent 6 months looking forward to spending 5 days on the lake, we’ve rented kayaks, we’ve bought ‘beach items’. I don’t even know what we do now because with 10 days left until we need to stay somewhere, needless to say, everything is booked up. {we do have a last resort, staying with my parents who were supposed to stay with us at the lake house. it is not the ideal trip we all had in mind though.}

So, I’m going to stare at this post until something occurs to me as to what to do. Of course it’s a Monday. No Friday would ever dream of starting like this. Not even Wednesday would be so bold….








How’s your Monday going? I sincerely hope it’s better than mine.

*image credits please go here —-> Pinterest

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