Inspired by others

Yesterday’s inspiration post probably should have been labeled with caution: {angry eyes} I realized I could be angry about something that I can’t change, or I can move on and hopefully find a solution. We are working on a resolution which will hopefully end with water dipped toes and kayaks.

I read this post on Seasons + Salt, which led me to these posts on TruncationBlog. On TruncationBlog, the author has made the decision not to buy anything for a year (beyond basic items like food, etc.) It really made me think whether I could even go a month without buying something I don’t actually need. I’ve been incredibly bad at this in the last two months; see a book, buy a book. See a shirt, buy a shirt. It gives me pause. Just because I can buy something, doesn’t mean I should. I should be working a lot harder to keep to a ‘capsule wardrobe’ mindset like I had last fall. I’d like to see if I could set a one-month goal and stick to it. {and it would mean not just clothing, but books, my biggest spend item} Maybe that’s an upcoming challenge for August.

One set of bloggers I’ve found inspiration from for over a year, are Nikki and Jason Wynn of Gone With The Wynns. They sold everything over 5 years ago and moved into an rv full time. They recently traded the rv life for life on a catamaran. I wish we were in a place to be able to live a similar life. They aren’t independently wealthy (as some people assume), but their past careers in photography and as a makeup artist have given them the freedom to be untethered and create a work/life balance they love. If you want to learn about living with less, just think about everything you own having to fit in a 40 ft sailboat. That’s a pretty decent way to go minimalist!

I’ve been revisiting a book I bought last year, The Sea by Phillip Plisson. I bought this book used for around $2 (and it weighs a ton). The pictures in the book are truly magnificent. The photographer captures the beauty, and sometimes the fury, of the open sea. As I’ve mentioned a dozen times, the water is my happy place. Even though I’ve only been sailing twice, and I have a rather abysmal track record for seasickness on the open ocean, though  am perfectly fine on a lake {I got nausea on the Cape May Ferry crossing…and we won’t even mention those boat rides in Hawaii}, I would love to spend some more time on a sailboat on a lake. It has a kind of magic all it’s own.

Those are the things that are inspiring me today. What inspires you, and why?

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