Stripes: OOTD

I’m rather in love with this dress, in that dreamy sort of I could wear this everyday and not get tired of it kind of way. This is one of the pieces I picked up from my parents while on holiday, and it is easily the softest thing I own, and one of the most comfortable.

2016-08-03 20.04.57

*still working on picture focus and not cutting off my feet

The dress is from Everlane, cardigan from J. Crew (old), similar, clogs from Lotta of Stockholm, and necklace from White Stuff, bracelets from Joules (no longer available). This is one of those dresses that you can do a lot with. Since it’s a tank dress, you could wear it as is, with a belt, with a cardigan, with a jean jacket, with a v-neck sweater, with a regular sweater; it’s the kind of piece that has endless possibilities. It doesn’t have any side or back slits, which is a bit weird when walking because of the length – it makes your steps shorter and you need to hold it up going up stairs – and that’s my only complaint. It would be easy enough to add slits on your own if you have basic sewing skills though.

2016-08-03 20.09.34

These shoes are wonderful (once you get used to walking in them, it’s a bit weird walking on wood, kind of like wearing ski boots if that makes any sense). Since I wasn’t 100% sure about clogs and how my feet would like them, I bought a pair of seconds from Lotta, so they were about half price. I have to say I love them. I wore them quite a bit on holiday, and they go with everything. Dresses, flare jeans, shorts, skirts; everything. I’m definitely thinking about another pair somewhere down the line (after I clean out my shoes, and finally get rid of the multiple pairs I never wear. getting rid of clothes I don’t wear? no problem. shoes? very hard for some reason.) I love these, these and definitely these. So many choices!

I ran errands earlier in the day (replacing the clogs with my Treton tennis shoes), and adding this great Yasmin Tote from Need Supply. (I really was just goofing around when I took these pictures, waiting for Chick to finish emptying the dishwasher so I could make dinner, otherwise I would have managed a more complete look, and possibly even with other options. and speaking of options, how cute would these boots be with this outfit?) 

2016-08-03 20.07.19

You would never know I spent 4 days in the blazing sun, sitting on a lounger reading books based upon my pale white legs (even though I did wear sunscreen, I guess it really does work). And yes that is my dog – the brown splotch behind my legs – making her photobomb appearance.

What have you been wearing this summer that you want to bring into fall/winter/spring?

*there is plenty of bad going on in the world, and in London, and it does make me never want to leave my house again, so this post is my way of trying not to focus on all the bad and make it through the day

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