Sidekick & OOTD

Hmm, quelle surprise, stripes. Again. I have a thing for stripes. One day I counted them all up in my closet out of curiosity but that was awhile ago, and I know I have more since then. This is sort of my Where’s Waldo look. (Anyone remember those books? I used to love them!)


shirt, J. Crew; flare wide leg jeans, Banana Republic; clogs, Lotta of Stockholm; necklace, LOFT (old); watch, Radley

My little SideKick, Chick, helped me with these pictures. She was my ‘focus holder’ while I was behind the camera as I learned in this post. I don’t think it quite worked, maybe because she’s a lot shorter than me?, but she enjoyed helping me a lot. She then proceeded to sweep the back patio. This girl loves to do things for you, all the time, you pretty much never have to ask. She’ll even empty the dishwasher twice in one day!


Life is better with a sidekick! Contemplating the serious cloud coverage. bag, Need Supply

Can we take two second and talk about the bag? Totally bought an online shopping high, but it is huge. I can really fit a lot in there, and I don’t tend to travel light these days if I’m honest.


wallet, Hobo (very old, best wallet ever 10 years running); phone, cover from RedBubble; notebook & pen, Paperchase; white bag, RuMe, teal pouch, Kate Spade (old); Oyster card holder, c/o Liberty & Amazon; reusable grocery bag, Lulumon – best free bag ever

I’m contemplating a 10×10 challenge again like I did (sort of) back here. I’ve enjoyed seeing the latest 10×10 looks from these blogs – Seasons & Salt, Style This Life They are both creative and make it seem effortless. The next ten days in London range from 80 to 66 degrees and include mostly sunny days. We have tech camp for the Boy and Chick and I were planning to hit up museums. Might be worth the risk trying to find ten items that can fit those categories.


The photobombing dog/bodyguard. Mini-Doxie Mocha, terror of the west end. Our postman is actually scared of her which cracks me up. I guess when a dog jumps on the door making it bang (only because it’s the draftiest, worst fitting door in London) and lets out her bark, she is a bit intimidating. People usually laugh when I say she only weighs 12 pounds though. {to spare the inevitable lawsuit, the dog is promptly placed in the front room with the door closed whenever the door rings. she has never actually bitten anyone though, she’s just highly territorial and a serial barker. that’s life with a dachshund.}

Here’s to TGIF and my sweet SideKick.


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