OOTD’s, 10×10 Challenge

Have you noticed fall items have started hitting the store shelves, and catalogs full of colored leaf bliss have fallen through the mail slot. It’s here; fall shopping. I did really well immediately placing the latest Boden catalog straight into the recycling bin, but then the Chick needed fall clothes, and they have shorts on massive clearance {remember how I talked about my single pair of shorts and how this is potentially an issue?}, and one thing leads to another, and before you know it you’re staring at a webpage that is thanking you for your order.


{oh right, I have none}

I thought I’d combine my loosely interpreted 10×10 Summer Challenge day 1 & 2 & 3 with some items on my fall wish list. After I decided I wanted to do the 10×10 Challenge I went to the closet armed with music, and pen and paper. I didn’t have too much trouble filling up my ten items, mostly of my new Everlane which I was very excited to wear and incorporate. But then as I hit item #8 I started to doubt myself. Should I include my pair of shorts, instead of two dresses for the couple of hotter days? I was having waffling issues. In the end I went with it.

Day 1:


sleepless shirtdress, Everlane; dipped mini-backpack, Everlane; sandals, Birkenstock


dress, Everlane; wedges, LifeStride ; bag, Longchamp

In a happy (but complicated) mistake, when I bought some things from Everlane back in June and had them sent to my parents for collecting in July, I was sent this dress. Which I wore to dinner at the lake and only upon arriving back home did I realize that it wasn’t actually the dress I had ordered. I had ordered this one, the button up short sleeve dress {which is now on the name your price sale, if you haven’t seen this on Everlane, it’s the closest they come to a sale. They give you three prices and you decide which one to pay}. After some back and forth – and I will say they were very nice about the mistake but ultimately failed to grasp the timing issue to get me the correct dress before I left to go back to London – I ended up just keeping the one above. And it’s fun, summery, and very comfortable. I’m looking forward to styling it with a long sleeve underneath or leggings.

The mini backpack is great and one of the new items I picked up. I wanted a backpack for when we do day trips to hold the obnoxious dslr, an umbrella, etc etc but without having to dive into big backpack territory ala my Jack Wolfskin backpack. It worked out very well here for shopping for back-to-school supplies, and made a nice change from my everyday Longchamp bag {which I’ve used almost daily for the last 7 months}. I did wear the Bireknstocks instead of the wedges simply because they are so comfortable but I think the wedges could make a nice dressier option.

Day 2 I actually didn’t grab a picture {bad blogger}, but I wore the Everlane tank dress I pictured here, minus the sweater. It was the weekend, we were all feeling the “I want to to do something but I don’t actually want to go anywhere” vibe. Sometimes I had weekends when that happens. I honestly have no recollection if I left the house or not.

Day 3:


texture tee, Everlane; cream texture tunic, Everlane; black jeans, Boden; flats, Dr Scholls (old); necklace, Nordstrom (old); Yasmin Tote, Need Supply

I wasn’t sure at first about the layers – because the tops are both fairly thick and it is kind of war in London – but they worked out very well together. One of my main goals is to learn layering. I see so many people doing unexpected layers – a shirt under a dress, a top over a long tank; for some reason it just never occurs to me to try it. So that’s one of my goals for this summer and beyond; layers! The jeans are a nice skinny jean without being so tight you can’t actually sit or move in them. The shoes are heading to the donate pile because even though I’ve had them for a long time, it’s time to own to the fact that they just don’t fit me right. Even with moleskin, I have the blisters to prove it today.

Originally the Chick and I planned to go the the National Portrait Gallery, so I chose this outfit for it’s color scheme and comfort (so crazy comfortable). But then we started going through her dresser and realized she needed new clothes, so we ended up at Westfield. If you don’t need a glass of something by the time you leave, you aren’t human. With The Boy at tech camp all day every day this week, the Girl and I are getting our gallery on. We hit up the V&A yesterday, National Portrait Gallery tomorrow, National Gallery Thursday and probably Kew Gardens on Friday if we can handle it.

I was going to add in some wish list items but this has already been a rather long post. If I make a wish list items post all by itself I can add even more drool worthy things like this and these. Do you have a fall wish list? What’s on it?

{can I just promise to never cut my hair like Robin Wright again? on her – awesome. on me – not so much. the growing out stage is killing me.}

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