September? October? I have no idea

It always seems to happen just when you get into a rhythm. You get over the beginning of the school year chaos, you get back into an exercise routine, the weather starts to not be so hot. And then it happens.

The dreaded summer-fall cold.

Die, summer-fall cold, die.

I’m at the end of two weeks of misery, and I have a feeling this cold isn’t quite ready to release me yet. I spent the first week glued to a tissue box and my tv (bonus, I made it through re-watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, and finally finished the last season of Gilmore Girls. Poor Logan, right?) This week, I have actually had to do things, and while I’m no longer tied to the tissues, the bleary eyed sleep machine seems to have belted itself securely to my back. Along with the sore throat man.

I could go back to bed right now and be so deliriously happy.

There are few things worse than the summer-fall cold.

The dentist comes to mind, but that’s less fun than just about everything.

I have more lovely pictures from the day before I got sick, where I spent two hours walking around Kew Gardens before it opened to the general public (I love having a membership!), but I don’t know when I’ll actually get around to sorting through them. (this blog is quickly becoming one big unpaid ad for Kew Gardens, my apologies.)

The summer-fall cold is especially uncool when it coincides with visitors from the US (who arrive tomorrow), and all the fun things you had planned. Like going to see Wicked, the Kew Literary Festival (for which you have non-refundable tickets to see Jessie Burton), and the fact that your children have a Monday off that isn’t also a bank holiday where everyone else in the country also has the day off.

I think the most interesting things to happen in the last two weeks have been some weird animal poltergeist who has been invading my food and drink. I have seen a duck in my tomato soup, and Mickey Mouse ears in my morning cappuccino.


Spooky right? I keep waiting to see which animal will come up next. One good thing did come from the Mickey ears (the first sign). We decided to change next summers planned rv trip through Oregon into a Disney cruise to Alaska instead. And very ironically, as The Husband would really like to try and experience one of the other Disney ships, we will be taking our Disney cruise aboard the ship Wonder. For the third time.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?

In that regard, there’s an awful lot of school related things going on, open houses, parent ‘home’ night (where someone from each area of the catchment hosts the parents who live in that area for an evening drinks and nibbles event), and bus stop mom’s night out. I’m also in very grave danger of joining the PTSA. I’ve managed 10 grades without joining (I ignore that brief stint with the BIS parent volunteers in Germany), help me now in not failing in my goals to never, ever join the PTSA. They do have a book club, a lunch club, and do fun things like walking tours of London.

I’m on the edge and possibly falling over into all it’s fundraising, socializing, insanity. Someone talk me down.

As we are nearing October, London has finally moved on to cooler temperatures, where you are constantly putting on layers and taking them off five times a day. We are three weeks from our trip to Spain, a few birthdays, Halloween, and then into the long month of November (no holidays here kids), and into the slippery slope of Christmas. That seems to be approaching awfully fast.

Hopefully my summer-fall cold with have left the premises by then.

I can only hope.

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