The old and good

I have been wanting to find the zip files for my old, old blog (the one I wrote from 2005-2012, the one after that I know is locked on my desktop Mac, which is in storage in Seattle). While I did find a file of my blogger before I migrated over to WP, all of the pictures/links are of course missing. I am replacing the pictures that I can find, or pulling a post if it simply can’t be recreated without visual evidence.

But YAY! I found so many memories! Like this one, back when the blog word had the little 125×125 images that you could post on your site with the embed code, and then if someone liked your blog they could post your image on their blog {the old fashioned kind of advertising}. I crack up when I see our poses in this picture at the St Louis Arch. We were moving from Campbellsville, KY to Seattle {DRIVING 5,000+ MILES WITH TWO KIDS AND A YEAR OLD PUPPY, PEOPLE! and we are ALL still alive!}


I snagged the picture from my old Flickr account (which I didn’t even know still existed, I can’t remember what made me think to try to log into it), so the quality is a bit fuzzy, but I found so many great pictures: from Cincinnati Reds games and events, my kids running through the sprinkler (they were 9 and 4), when we had just gotten our puppy.



These are the times when I love the digital age. Such things did not exist when I was a kid. We bought our first digital camera when my son was born, and he’ll be 15 in February. I am amazed because my kids don’t know anything other than the iTunes and MP3’s, and digital camera’s and smartphones – our first computer was when I was in high school. I didn’t even have an email account until 1995 when I went off to college.

It’s such a different world now. I can’t image what it will be like 20 years in the future.

{So long story to say, I’ve decided to upload my old blog onto this one, to prove that I used to amusing I suppose, so expect posts from 2010 and back to 2006 or so to come flooding in!}

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