End of 2016, Goals for 2017


stairs in bullring, Ronda, Spain

It’s Christmas Eve, and all through the house, every creature was stirring (and possibly a mouse??) More like a dachshund, a teenager, and a pre teen.

It’s 24 December, and the year has quickly (slowly??) come to a close. It has been a heck of a year. We have made it to 18 months living here in London, with 6 more to go. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m dying to get back home to Seattle and my house and my garden and my peace.solitude.and quiet. But as the calendar flips forward to another year I am feeling mildly sad that my days of glorious exhibits, stunning art, fantastic gardens, and crazy people watching is coming to a close. Seattle has hiking, kayaking!, and my gorgeous mountains steps from my front door, but it is lacking in art and theater.

In this, very few places can compete with London.

As we enter into a new year, I thought maybe it might be helpful to set out some goals {ones I hope I might actually stick to}:

  • I’m cutting back on sugar. I’ve already started this one, and on day 3, I am getting used to my morning coffee with no sugar. I’ve never taken milk, so black is where it’s at at the moment. And a Nespresso with no sugar does take some getting used to.
  • I really want to try to be better about what I buy. Last year at this time I had entered into the capsule wardrobe idea and I was doing pretty good. I fell off the wagon repeatedly though in the last 6 months, and now I just feel disenchanted with not having learned anything despite my best intentions. I’ve printed another copy of Un-Fancy’s wardrobe/capsule planner and hopefully, new year, new me.
  • I want to be more mindful of what I buy and where it comes from. I’ve done very well in my awareness of the need of shopping ethically, now I just need to practice it more. The hardest part is realizing that I am going to have to pay more, be more patient, and accept the reality that companies that pay a living wage are going to charge more for their products. That’s just a fact (and a reasonable one). It is hard to swallow paying £££ for a sweater that I used to buy for ££. It comes down to what matters more, ethically produced clothing (and other items) or me keeping an extra £60 in my pocket.
  • I also am trying to be better with buying ethically produced, cruelty free foods. This is a very hard one, especially when convenience is important. The butcher on the street just behind my house is ethically sourcing, I just need to force myself to go there more often. I will say that I buy organic, and I do check for free range, ethically sourced products before I buy anything. How animals are treated is very important to me, even if I choose to be vegetarian as much as possible, my family isn’t.
  • It’s time to realize old-friend rosacea might be here forever. I had IPL this week to try to minimize the appearance and unless things fade in the next 10 days (as is possible), it wasn’t a success, and not worth the £400 it costs (per treatment!). So I have to learn to live with never feeling comfortable enough to go foundation free.
  • Stop buying so many books. Might as well cross that one off now! #unrealistic
  • Be more engaged. Leave the electronics behind, be more mindful, find more hygge. This is a massive goal.

Those are the goals for now. We’ll see how far I get on with completing them.

Now to take a look at where we’ve been in 2016:


  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Bonn & Munich, Germany (revisiting our former home city)
  • Edinburgh & the Highlands, Scotland
  • Seattle & Cheney, WA
  • Malaga, Spain & Tangiers, Morocco
  • And others around the UK
  • (And before we finish the year, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Some things I’ve seen this year:

  • Amazing art exhibits: Monet & Impressionism; Paul Strand Photography; Abstract Impressionism from Pollock to de Kooning; the History of Underwear; A Century of Vogue; Russian Artist Portraits; Jean-Etienne Liotard; Engineering: Ove Arup; Design Museum, Design of the Year Awards
  • Theater: Wicked; Nutcracker
  • Concerts: British Summertime, headliner Mumford & Sons; Dave Matthews
  • Windsor Horse Show
  • London Fashion Weekend

In all, 2016 was pretty darn spectacular. 2017 should be pretty unforgettable as well:


  • Milan & Venice, Italy
  • NJ & Seattle
  • Dublin/County Louth, Ireland {ancestry trip}
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Weekends around the UK
  • Alaska


  • A full-day of study on Goya at Burlington House
  • V&A You Say You Want A Revolution
  • National Portrait Gallery, Picasso Portraits; Taylor Wessing Photography Prize
  • Design Museum exhibits, Fear & Love; Imagine Moscow; California (and starting 28 June days after we return to Seattle, Hella Jongerius, Breathing Color – SO bummed to miss this one)
  • And all the other places I still haven’t been – Tate Modern, need to go back to the Wallace Collection, etc.

This was a cathartic post for me, to remind myself of what a damn.fabulous.life we have being able to pop to another country for a weekend. When we move back to Seattle, a weekend of exciting travel will include going to Portland. Or Idaho. Exciting, but not on the same caliber as taking the Eurostar to Paris.

It’s going to be a good 2017, a very insanely busy 2017 with travel, The Husband will relocate back to Seattle in March and fly back and forth (I’m looking forward to watching him handle repeated episodes of jet-lag every few weeks, I am a very nice wife like that!), birthdays (lovely milestone year for me), school events always get crazier in spring, moving back to America, and just general life things. I am determined that it will be a good one though.

Have you set any goals/made any plans for the upcoming year?

3 thoughts on “End of 2016, Goals for 2017

  1. I left a reply to your comment at Newly Woodwards but wasn’t sure if you’d see it…so here I am! Thanks for sharing about hygge and the related book…it sounds so interesting. Already ordered it on Amazon and cannot wait to read it! My husband is Danish, and we tend to gravitate toward many of the basic concepts of hygge — but am excited to be more intentional. 🙂


    • I didn’t see it so thanks for popping over. At our local bookstore there’s an entire display on hygge with different books on how to create it, make hygge foods, etc. There’s just something so wonderful about the concept. Those Danes are pretty smart!


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