2017, oh let’s not start out like this

2017. I want us to be friends, good friends, really good friends. I want us to be the kind of friends you can call up at 2:30 in the morning because you had this epically scary spider dream, and no matter how hard you try, your spouse just keeps pretending he’s snoring.

that kind of friends

So far, 2017 and I are not off to a great start. It is cold here in London. Nothing new, seeing as it IS winter, but it’s become bitter cold this week. Or at least it feels bitter cold. The temperature says 34 this morning, but it feels…like an ache in the bones kind of cold (which thanks to my advancing age of 39, my knees and my Bad Foot are telling me daily that they hate the cold, with passion.) Since we just got back from Copenhagen on New Years Eve and it was even colder there, London should feel warmer. But, oh, how it does not.


Move to tropical climate is still on my number one list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime {preferably soon}. Likelihood: zilch. A girl can dream.

I may have mentioned it before, and if you’ve ever glanced at my Instagram for more than 3 seconds, you’ll know our family has a mini-dachshund. She’s cute, she’s small, she’s a barking drama queen. She’s also sick.

Because the details of getting a urine sample from a dog are just TMI for anyone, suffice it that I managed to get one, and it’s been sent out to see what type of infection she has. It could be simple. And it could not be simple. Given her stomach issues that have been going on for over a year and her special diet, I have fears that it is not going to be simple. This little face deserves simple.


So keep your fingers crossed for this adorable nugget of crazy, please?

2017 and I were supposed to start of with a Great Fashion Project as well. I came across this video about 2 1/2 weeks ago from Gold Zipper (I can’t even remember how exactly). The concept is simple: to wear 1 dress for 30 days.

Depending on your point of view, it’s either brilliant, or a little out there. I gravitated toward brilliance. Here’s why:

I like this concept of ease in the morning. The same thing everyday that isn’t jeans (which is my normal ‘uniform’), and it forces you to be creative with accessories, shoes, etc. I think it could teach me more about the way I interact with my clothes, how people might see me and what direction I really want my closet to go in.

Last year I did try to do Project 333, capsule wardrobing. It didn’t go over super well; I made about 5-6 months (if I’m generous) and I slipped right back into my buying ways. {this month, I have been a very bad spender. something about this time of year just sets off a spree for me}

January 1, 2017, I put on my only weather (somewhat) appropriate black dress. And about a minute later I had marked it with deodorant. {anyone else have a deodorant issue? no matter what kind I use, how/when I put it on it’s like one giant Russian roulette wheel every morning} I took the dress off, did some silent screaming, and moved on to a quasi-plan b. I put on this outfit, what seems to be a cross between a schoolteacher and a librarian.


this is my ‘i feel stupid’ face. happens frequently.

I managed tights All. Day. with a dog, and children, and leaving the house. I hadn’t worn tights since a dinner party I went to back at the beginning of December and before that I’m not even sure when.

Point: I don’t often wear tights.

Day one. Not the raging success but I did manage to substitute an out-of-comfort-zone outfit. {skirt: Boden, old; white shirt: Jcrew; grey sweater vest: Jcrew; necklace & tights: Ann Taylor, old.}

Day two: it was Monday, we lazed around the house all day. NO tights were worn. Tuesday, it became cold, and I still hadn’t managed to wash the deodorant marked dress yet {things that happen when one load of washing – not drying – takes 2 hours plus and you’ve just come back from vacation}.

Day three: it is really freezing, though the dress was washed and hanging to dry.

And that’s when I started thinking maybe January, in London, might *not* be the best time to give this experiment a try. Even though when I first thought “I’m so doing this!”, I immediately listed 15 different ways to change the look of the dress without even having to consult my closet. That made me feel very happy. I have started re-thinking this 1 dress 30 days challenge I’ve set for myself, and ordered a dress more weather appropriate instead of summer thin. I really did want to try to make it happen from what I already owned, this $12 dress I’ve had for over 8 years. I actually wore it to the dinner party I mentioned above.


friend, birthday person, me and the LBD

I’m definitely going to complete 1 dress, 30 days. Hopefully the temperature will kick up a bit. The best way to make the project a success is to give it a chance of success, i.e. not doing it in freezing cold temperatures. I am actually quite excited about doing this. Along with that I want to not buy anything wardrobe related {minus a second pair of black tights. only having one pair and a very cold house, means wearing them after washing the night before might not be possible. a second pair is always a good idea.} 

I’ve been bad with buying (as I said above). It is a cycle, of being down or bored, or a combination of both. It is the one thing I said in my last post I was going to stop, and I already bought four things. 1. 2. 3. 4. Granted, this is all from Christmas gift money, but still, it’s no excuse. And if there’s one thing I want to stop doing this year, it’s making excuses for purchases. I want to try to be more like these guys – The Minimalists. I can’t see us ever getting that extreme, especially since 3/4 of my family are bordering on hoarders (only the dog gets away clean as she can’t really throw out her possessions.) But it is a goal to down-size the stuff, which was what the point of a capsule wardrobe was supposed to be for me. In a lot of ways, I have done very well in reducing things I never wore. I just brought other things in again…

I’ve written up a list of BOOKS I plan to say adieu to. Yes, I did say books, and upon returning to Seattle and seeing the majority of my books again (and lots of the things we haven’t needed in two years), I think there will be a lot of clearing going on. If I didn’t need them for two years, I don’t need them now, will be my attitude. {I hope}

That’s the first week of 2017 (almost) finished. He’s to 51 more to go. How’s your New Year  going?

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