The No-Name Blog

What is in a name?

Everything apparently.


Here’s the problem: I used to have a good-ish blog name – The Blogging Mama. I had the domain and things were working well. Then I moved hosts, things got messed up, my host decided to not host anyone…and I kind of stopped blogging. I didn’t bother to keep my domain name. And for awhile taken by someone else {complete with MY content, unauthorized, by some *&#)^R}.  I haven’t checked recently because I don’t need more reasons to raise my blood pressure {my neighbors construction work does that for me daily}.

I chose to use MamasGotKids when I started this blog because I was already using the name on Instagram/Twitter/Email {after I had deleted my accounts in my other name when I stopped blogging, when I’d given up social media altogether}. Now I’m stuck with it, even though I’d really like to change it to something more representative of me.

You might have noticed, I rarely blog about my kids. The Husband prefers our privacy {and I totally respect that}. Plus, this is also my space, and as an ‘at-home mom’, my life is occupied with enough kid trappings. The Blog is supposed to be my escape. Fashion, books, tv, travel; politics when America returns to it’s senses even. More me, less them.

The problem is that every domain/blog name I’ve come up with, someone already has. Or they want £2,400 for me to own it. I was really looking for the £10 GoDaddy version.

I could just use my name. This presents two problems. If you were to Google my full name, you get a politician in South Carolina. Go. Figure. I also am not 100% comfortable having my full name attached and out there. {At least not until I become famous and fabulously wealthy and have bodyguards and stuff.}

This is the reason the name of this blog keeps changing. I’ve tried name-generator websites, random thoughts as I lie in bed trying to fall asleep at night, and I’ve even considered word play or using a title in French.

But then I came up with something based on the pictures I took this morning for my Winter 10×10 challenge. And the fact that whether I’m in London or back in Seattle, I always need an umbrella.

The Umbrella Life 

Unfortunately, I thought things would simply redirect from my old WP domain. They haven’t {crying because I lost all three people who were reading my site}. Or I would at least have time to post something along the lines of, Hey, I’m changing my name and domain, please refollow! So…if you were following via wordpress or any other method, I guess you have to sign up again under the new domain name (maybe? Unless you did receive this in your reader. I don’t know how the magic of the internet works).

I apologize. And I would send chocolate (or your sweet of choice) to all of you who continue to follow along despite my serious lack of tech skills.

There’s a reason my family call me The Techno Killer.

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