Half-way: Days 4-6, Winter 10×10

Weekends! Who doesn’t love the weekend? The house is full of people on the weekend, and it’s not the easiest to get any pictures, so Sunday is quite light with only one picture. My daughter, The Chick, did take some pictures for me though, both outdoor and indoor shots. A mini budding photographer!

Outfit 4:


I love this dress! It’s ethically made from PeopleTree, and has pockets. It’s also very comfortable and warm. I sat at the bus stop unsheltered for 30 minutes on Friday (with a coat, obviously), but I wasn’t cold at all, which was surprising since it was about 35 degrees. I don’t ‘love’ the way the scarf looks, but I can never figure out tying them. Something goes inherently wrong every.time. I talked about the boots in my previous post. They will be replaced. asap.

Outfit details: dress, PeopleTree; boots, Sonoma (old); scarf, Nordstrom (old); hobo bag, Tommy Hilfiger.

Day 5: I had two looks for day 5. In the morning my daughter had a dentist appointment (and the office is always overheated), but after lunch we went out to Kew Gardens because cold or not sometimes you just need to get out of the house. I added a sweatshirt and changed to trainers because it was wet/muddy. It wasn’t super cold, and the gardens were busy people who had the same idea we did. My daughter took the outdoor pictures.





For the first time using the big camera, she did pretty good! I cropped these quite a bit, but Chick certainly enjoyed playing photographer. And she works cheap. I paid her in a hot chocolate with marshmallows from Nero. (Coat & hat: Eddie Bauer, old;  you can find the rest of my outfit details in my previous posts from Winter10x10)

My Kew membership expires at the end of April, and I am seriously debating paying the £79 to renew it even though we will only be here through the end of June. I really do go that often because it is such a relaxing place (and so big, you can easily move deep into the gardens and be all by yourself with the squirrels!) Now that I have found a place to be in nature (which has always been my favorite place), I’m looking forward to visiting Bellevue Botanical Garden, which I just discovered online the other day. Even though we live in the suburbs in Seattle and there are fabulous walking trails through the trees (literally) steps from my door, I do enjoy seeing all the flowers. Maybe it’s because I can’t keep flowers alive, so I visit those who can.

Day 6: Sunday I spent the morning cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, changing linens; always a fun way to spend a Sunday. I added wellies for a trip to the grocery as it was raining elephants. All you need to survive in England are wellies and a good mac. Maybe a brolly or two. It’s a simple phone snap by the Chick. Sometimes uncomplicated is good. I did ‘cheat’ by pulling on leggings from White Stuff instead of jeans, and wellies instead of trainers.


The boots are from Hunter but I have to say, they won’t be staying. While excellent quality, they give me a terrible blister on my heel even just walking the 700 feet to the M&S. Why can’t that ever occur when you walk around in the store? As these were *pricey* they will be going to the consignment store back in Seattle (along with other wrong, expensive clothing choices). I’ll stick with my el-cheapo’s.

If you read all of this and don’t know what the Winter 10×10 is, head over to StyleBee or Un-Fancy for all the details! You can also search these hashtags on Instagram #winter10x10 #stylebee10x10 and #unfancyremix to see who else is playing along and get some inspiration of your own!

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