How about a little tree-hugging, car style?

One of the things that occupies my mind these days, is deciding on what car to buy when we return to the US in July. I know, most of you are thinking, that’s months away, and yes, it is. But I am a closet car junkie (or not so closet maybe). I love cars. I love auto shows. One of the biggest disappointments of my trip to Seattle in November was that I was one week too early to go to the Seattle Auto Show. Like I tried to think up excuses of any kind in order to stay type of disappointment.

I really do like auto shows.

I have always been tuned into recycling and environmental awareness, but as things keep charging towards a total meltdown on the climate change front, I’ve become very concerned about what I can do to help. I’ve been watching the extraordinary program Years of Living Dangerously, (now on season 2) and have started reading the book, Climate Change: What Everyone Needs To Know by Joseph Romm. Leonardo DiCaprio’s film Before The Flood is also worth watching.

That leads me back to cars, one of the biggest greenhouse gas polluters of CO2. The increase of hybrid cars has been fantastic over the last 5 years, the most famous (in my mind) of hybrids, the Toyota Prius. I have always liked the Prius, and almost put my name on a list for one when they first were introduced.

But I am not in love with the most recent body style, which after enduring years of the hideous (but wonderful) Subaru Outback, I’d like my next car to have a little bit of beauty. So my next car needs to at least have some. One of the big selling points for finding a used Prius is that after a year or two of trying out the hybrid life, I could then pass this car on to the Boy {who {pinch me} will have a drivers license}. Then I get to play Let’s Buy A Car all over again. At which point Tesla should have the Model 3 out…


and boy, is that purrrty.

There are plenty of things in the works in the hybrid, hybrid-electric, and electric car departments. Nissan has the Rogue hybrid for those in a more mini-sport-ute kind of mindset (Toyota also has the Rav4 and Highlander hybrids). Mini is bringing out the Countryman in a plug in hybrid-electric sometime this spring.


Mmm, teal + bonnet stripes. {did you know we used to have a Mini convertible? talk about a fun little car, plus there’s a Mini club we used to belong to and they do super fun things like the Mini Road Rally, and the Mini dealership put on The Seattle Job: Team Photo Scavenger Hunt, Mini people are just FUN, they even do the little wave when you cross paths while driving}


our Team cars & our Maggie convertible in red



yep, two kids in the back!

Tesla has announced the new Model 3 in a reasonable price range (starting around $35k) but details are still forthcoming on production. I would 1000% wait for the Tesla if I knew for sure they could meet the estimated start production timeline of July 2017. As of last May, 373,000 people had placed a $1,000 deposit for the Model 3.(source) If I felt at all comfortable just plunking down $80,000 for a the current Tesla model, I’d do it.

One of the biggest drawbacks to an all electric (in my case) is that several times a year, I need to go 300 miles from Seattle to my parents house in Idaho. As I have discovered with the app Charge Point, there are quite a few charge stations along my route of I90 from Seattle to Coeur D’Alene. It’s not out of the question to make it work.


I am very intrigued by the look of the BMW i3, and by it’s possibilities. It’s cute (I’ve always thought so), and apparently full of that fabulous German pep I so dearly love. And we already have a connection with our local Seattle dealer since that’s where we bought our last BMW. The only big sticker, is the sticker shock (haha). It’s nothing like a full-on Tesla, but it’s not cheap-o either. This is one of the things I am personally okay with knowing that I am doing my part to reduce CO2 and save the planet and generally the world.

My cape is on order.

One other good point to going all-electric if these articles can be believed, it is possible to charge the BMW i3 up to 99% in one hour with a public fast charger. So I could drive to Bellevue Square, plug into one of the MANY chargers in the public garage, eat lunch & shop, and come back to a fully charged car. {i hate to say it but, BOOM}

I’m still no closer to make a true full-on decision. I need to drive the i3, sit in the new bigger Mini, take stock of used Prius 4’s, and work out my top priorities for a new car. I’d love to hear thoughts if you have a hybrid, especially if you’ve ever driven one of these cars!

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