A random collection of inspiration

I couldn’t come up with one theme for an inspiration post (as I have in the past like fashion or forests). There are so many different ways to find inspiration for so many different things.

This sink is off the charts crazy, unpractical, and probably a nightmare to clean. But just look at it. It’s a piece of sculpture. People would flock to the bathroom just to look at it. Imagine how the water flows down each little step in the design?

I love Scandinavian design. And a mid-century modern one? I’ll take it. The colors, the style, the comfort and hygge factor are very high in this little corner. The wallpaper makes a huge impact without making too much of a statement.

I doubt there’s much that’s comfortable about these chairs but I’m sure comfort wasn’t the point of making them. Take the sink from the first picture, and add these chairs to the same house, I’d never, ever leave. Inspiring.

This Great Dane is the gentle giant of the dog world. If he wasn’t bigger than I am, I would be snuggled up against him with my Doxie in my lap watching Netflix. As much as I’d (sorta kinda mostly) love another dog, I can’t see this guy fitting into my life. So adoring him from afar will have to do.

That’s sound advice. I definitely can’t be a ballerina if I continue to let cake be my guiding force of life.

Damn it. Let me eat cake!

(It is a lovely thought in all seriousness, and very true.)

If we want to talk dream home…this would be a top contender for me. Despite the fact that I hate being cold, and have lived in enough snowy places to last a lifetime, this house is just amazing. Again, there’s a sculptural theme running through it, and I bet the bands of light that fall across the rooms are pretty spectacular. It’s likely unpractical, but until I live in it, who can say for sure?

I like this display, the common thread of colors and type of pictures. It’s pleasing to look at, and a good use of a ‘dead space’ in the home. I’d love to do something similar in my staircase. Unfortunately, our staircase is a giant curved wall, so repainting it from repressive brown to something lighter and brighter will just have to suffice.


Is anything inspiring you this Tuesday? Where do you go to find inspiration? To see what else I find inspiring, visit me here.

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