Vacation Challenge: Spring 10×10

When Lee at StyleBee announced that she will be hosting another 10×10 fashion challenge with Caroline at Un-Fancy, I did a cheer. Especially since they will be starting on Monday April 10th. I’ll be starting on Saturday the 8th because that’s the day we leave for a ten day holiday in the US. Now, because I do not seem to like anything simple {ever}, this could have been a particularly hard 10×10 to plan for. We are flying to the east coast (NJ), then the Husband and I fly off to the west coast {Seattle} for a few days {to take care of house reno/car buying stuff for July}, flying back to NJ for the Easter holiday and visiting, then the kids and I fly back to London {while the Husband flies back to Seattle to work for a few weeks}.

That’s a lot of flying, and a whole lot of temperatures/holidays/outift-needing-to-pull-double-duty going on.

I thought this would be really difficult to plan out, like last time when I did the winter 10×10. But in only 20 minutes {maybe less}, I had planned out each piece {plus a spare outfit because holidays + me: I tend to need an extra outfit, and I almost always somehow forget to pack socks}.


AllSaints/Braintree (ethically made)/Mint Velvet/GAP/Hackwith House (ethically made)/Madewell/Mint Velvet/Levi’s

The best part is that I love everything I picked out. Maybe I am starting to figure out my style?? I don’t know, but I did stick to a color palette that is neutral – black, grey, white, and one red top. I was able to see each piece layering and combining and coordinating. The one thing I tried not to do {which I think is where I always go wrong} is plan out each daily outfit in advance. Yes, I semi-thought about how each piece would combine but I didn’t solidly write any combination down and plan it out. Because I picked such a basic/neutral palette I think it’ll all work without needing to be planned out.

That’s a refreshing change from my usual structured, I must know exactly what I’m wearing attitude. I am a planner. I’m about to turn 40 so I don’t see that changing in my lifetime. Not knowing what’s happening this week, and next week, and two months from now really freaks me out {just ask the Husband}. This will be what I pack unless the weather throws me a curveball in the next few days before I put it all in my suitcase.

Challenge Goals

For this challenge, I want to see how I feel wearing a more muted, neutral color palette. I am really happy with what I’ve put together by seeing it, now to see if I feel as good wearing it. This challenge will help me to see if I am moving in the right direction with my closet overall by choosing a more streamlined look. Clean lines and geometric shapes make me very happy in other areas of my life, so hopefully that also holds true for my closet.

10×10 Selection Criteria

When I selected my items, I knew I had to be able to get the most possible wear out of them. I will be on holiday, so if I didn’t bring it with me…I won’t be swapping anything out. It will force me to come up with solving any problems that might arise. The time difference {ranging from 5 hours to 8 hours}, general jet lag, busyness of the trip, and general keeping my eye on temperature fluctuations are going to be demanding. The items for the trip had to follow these ideas:

  • Must be comfortable. I will be on a plane four times, the shortest trip will be 5 hours long.
  • I also needed to be able to layer. Temperatures between NJ and Seattle in spring can widely vary, and one should always plan for rain when going anywhere near Seattle. {waterproof coat, check}
  • Comfortable shoes. I wish I could just make one pair work, but the issues with my foot simply make packing a pair of trainers a necessity. I’m going to limit myself to two pairs of shoes.
  • The items needed to cover a variety of situations. From Easter dinner to walking around a slab yard picking out countertops. While I am favoring multiple white items this time around, I’ll keep those for the less dirty days on the agenda.

End goal

I am hoping to get closer to realize what my style is. I’ve been reading The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees {which is brilliant}. There has been a lot of note taking, and nodding along, and one {semi-successful} dressing room trip. I really want to be so happy with my closet that I can stop online impulse buying, which is definitely an issue for me. I *think* once we return to the US and I know where to shop and can just get in my car and go, this will taper off {as I didn’t have such an issue before we moved to London. I will also have the dedicated space to once again pursue the things that used to take up my time, like painting and refinishing furniture.}

The biggest challenge is that we are sort of between seasons. Some days it is cold enough to wear a sweater in the morning, and again at night, but not quite warm enough to pull out anything on the light side. I’m worried we will roll over into summer and I will have my closet crisis all over again. There are a lot of things I like about my summer wardrobe {which is mostly packed away} but I do know it has a lot of color. I need to stop thinking about trying to change everything all at once, changing it, and then not being happy with that either.

Is anyone else going to be a part of the 10×10 Spring Challenge? It was such fun in winter and this little community sprang up on Instagram. I came across some really great people I otherwise wouldn’t have know simply by using and searching the designated hashtags. {See Lee’s post for more information, and all the details of the challenge!}

See you there!

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