About a Dog

It is very strange how much a dog becomes a child. How you would do anything for your pet. Dogs (at least in my experience) are far more difficult to ‘raise’ than a human child, but bring me just as much happiness (even during the dog teen years which seem to last for as long as your dog lives).


It’s no secret that moving to London has been very rough on our little mini-dachshund. The noise, not having her own yard at first, getting her in an elevator multiple times a day was interesting, coming across these other things called ‘people’ and ‘dogs’. It was a tough transition those first six months, and even after we moved to a house, some things eased but most things didn’t. She is still skittish at noises, barks at every sound the neighbors make (and with super duper thin walls we hear every sneeze and scream, and every plink of the piano).

But my furry little friend is my best friend. Who else follows you round from room to room, is always SUPER TAIL WAGGING excited to see you, even if you were just gone for five minutes, and wants to pretty much sit on you or be licking your face every.second.of.every.day.

So it’s hard for me this morning knowing my baby is having surgery. She went from a primarily heathy – if neurotic – 6 year old, to a hunched crying in pain dog overnight. She spent six days at one hospital 45 minutes away, and yesterday I had to take her from that hospital to the Royal Mother Hospital an hour and half away. After an MRI last night the dr discovered that she has/d a bulging disc in her neck. That is/was the source of her pain. They are operating on her possibly as I type and I should have news by lunch.


Family meeting? I’m listening.

My girl is so very, very important to me. It seems silly to some people, she’s a pet!, but to me she is like one of my kids. I feel good about the surgery because her pain should be immediately relieved. She will have 4 weeks of complete crate rest. It will be interesting when you throw in travel 10 hours on a plane to America right in the middle of that. As long as there are no complications, she can fly. Right now there is also a GI issue {sparing you the unpleasant details}, but stress could be the cause (and I want to believe that’s all it is). I’m not even in the hospital, surrounded by strangers, being poked and prodded, and my stomach is full of acid. So I can’t imagine how our anxious little girl is feeling.


She is 5 kilos of pure crazy dachshund. And she has my heart. If you could spare a positive thought or vibe for her today, I’ll take all the good karma I can get.

8 thoughts on “About a Dog

    • 100% she is my little sweetie. I wish I could take her everywhere- well except for the part about her trying to eat every stranger she sees πŸ™„


    • Thank you. She really is my little shadow. She won’t even let me go to the bathroom on my own. And the hair dryer!? She checks on me every time I use it. To be sure it hasn’t eaten me 😬

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