The First Day of School Survival List {for parents}

So, you’ve been waiting all summer for this day, and it’s finally here:



Now, admit it, you were all excited the moment your darlings stepped out the door. I thought it would be nice to post a little something about how us parents should spend the day, this first day of school.

How many climbed right back in here?


And I’m certain there was quite a bit of this in most houses (as we wake at the unbearable 6 am alarm):


I know I relished the quiet of my morning cup o’joe. I’m also sure I can’t be the only one still sitting around at 10 am soaking up the silence (and a second cup).


If you’re looking for things to do today, may I suggest: binge worthy tv –


Feel free to memorize that. By the way, was I the ONLY one who didn’t know Sunday’s episode was the last of the season??! That’s what happens when you go on vacation!

Other shows to try if GOT just isn’t your thing:



Who doesn’t love a little classic manners and backstabbing with a smile every now and then?

Or you could always catch up on those books you’ve been hoarding for a rainy day.


As for me, (and probably most of us, because we do not live in a dream world) I’ll be getting to the laundry leftover from vacation, unpacking the hordes of boxes from moving, spending copious amounts of time in the car buying groceries, finding kids gym shorts, and catering to the craziest dog in the world.

But, if I did have a dream day, it would probably look a lot like above. Just add ice cream.


*images via Pinterest

5 thoughts on “The First Day of School Survival List {for parents}

  1. this is a great list! But alas, its my first year that I won’t have a first day of school… He’s a high school graduate.

    AND you weren’t the only one to not know it was the season ending of GOT. I have not seen a single complete episode!

    Enjoy the second up of Joe while waiting for the laundry to cycle through. 🙂


  2. Ack! I forgot Jakes is done. That must be weird!

    I was happy to learn GOT is having another season. I thought this was the last one. I usually get through them fast – because I fast forward all the fight scenes 😂


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