The Unpopular Opinion: Why I no longer want to live in this America

It was just another morning. Coffee, school lunches, sending my family out the door. And then I sat down and started scanning the news, and once again my heart sank, and my stomach clenched, because the screen was once again telling me a senseless tragedy had taken place. There are tragedies from mother nature we can’t control – hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires –  and then there are the ones we can control; gun violence. mass shootings. more people innocently killed.

I’ve never liked guns. I didn’t grow up ever having one in my home. Before I met my husband (who was a police officer at the time we met), I’d never even held or seen a gun up close. One of the greatest days was the day he left the police department, and his gun left our house. We do not hunt. We do not possess any weapons. That is our personal choice.

This is a link to the 2nd Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms. When this was written way back in the 18th century, it was written in a different time, in an altogether different country. What happens more and more frequently is not what I believe the founding fathers wanted. They would be horrified at the way their law has been interpreted in modern times.

I do not know this country I’m living in, the one where I was born, the one that changes day by day into a place that feels less and less safe. These are Americans getting hold of these guns that serve no purpose but death, and killing children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, innocents.


There is no country in the world that is all-safe. Such a place does not exist. I know this. But there are so many countries that are peaceful. The US ranks at 114 on the Global Peace Index. I want to live in a country that does not allow citizens to own weapons that have no purpose except in war (and maybe not even then). No one should be able to have these guns in their homes. No. One.

I find myself longing to leave America, even though I only moved back here from England a few months ago. I do not want to live in a place where these things do not matter to congress, to my government. They will not outlaw these guns, and therefore they continue the cycle of violence and death. They endorse gun violence by not doing anything to stop it. The majority of Americans support laws that restrict guns. Why won’t they listen? They didn’t listen when the majority said who we wanted to be president. I know they won’t listen now. It must change.

Senseless violence will continue.

I would rather live in a country where the government takes steps to make sure gun violence doesn’t happen.

I want to live in a place that believes all its citizens lives matter. All of them.


Reference: Amendment 2

Chart of most and least peaceful countries:

Vision of Humanity: Risk Report

Poll of Americans and guns:


4 thoughts on “The Unpopular Opinion: Why I no longer want to live in this America

  1. My heart ached yesterday with the news. I don’t own guns and will never have them in my house. But that is my choice. I respect my neighbors choice to have guns. Hand guns, a hunting rifle. But there is no reason for anyone to have a gun that will shoot so many bullets per second. Those are only for soldiers protecting my freedom to choose not to have a gun in my home.


    • I agree. A hunting rifle is not at all the same thing. While I would never have one, I do understand those who do. It’s time things changed, but if it didn’t change after Sandy Hook, I have no hope they will listen now.


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