Those who inspire adventure

I love sailing. Or at least the two times I went sailing on a lake as a 11 year old have lived in my mind as the The water is like my Ultimate Dream. Living by it. Seeing it out my window. Being anywhere near it. For those who don’t know, I spent a vast majority of my childhood summers on a lake. My family was into camping, boating, being outdoors (skiing in winter). My parents always called me a little fish because you couldn’t get me out of the water unless you physically hooked me and dragged me out. Sun + sand + water = pretty much my dream.

There’s a reason I always say let’s go to Tahiti. {bucket list item by the way if you’re thinking of a Christmas gift for me}

I’ve always loved adventure. There are lots of ‘always’ in this post because that is truly the way I’ve lived my whole life. While I didn’t move my entire childhood, I spent 18 years in the same bedroom, my sense of ‘let’s explore’ has been something inside me from the beginning. At 16, as a shy, okay, really shy, teenager, I decided to spend a month in Italy as an exchange student. At 17 I went on a class trip to France. At 18 I moved from my home state of Washington to Philadelphia to go to school. I’ve lived in three countries and five states. I’ve traveled to 23 countries and would welcome living and traveling to many more.

While I can’t {currently} live in another country {kids, jobs, details I say!}, I have lived vicariously through the blogs and videos below. They inspire adventure, and in my mind are living the dream.

Gone With The Wynns – Jason and Nikki – I’ve been following them since almost the beginning of their travel days in an RV. After five years of traveling around the US, they traded in their rv for a catamaran and started sailing the world. They just completed a journey through the Panama Canal this week to start their adventures in the Pacific Ocean. They blog and do a weekly video, and as a former professional photographer, Jason’s photo’s and videos are top notch.

Adventures of a Tribe – Danny and Belinda – (plus 4 of their kids who journey with them) – I only discovered this blog a few days ago, and I’ve already read at least the last year worth of entries. This family is an inspiration. They were sailing around the world, and while down near French Polynesia they ran aground on an unchartered reef and had to be rescued at night by helicopter. That alone would make me pause. Hearing that their home, the catamaran Tanda Malaika, would have to be completely stripped and sunk as a total loss, I can’t even imagine recovering from that. But they have (and it’s only been 4 months). Go read the story (start in July 2017 for the reef/rescue but then go back and read the rest of their story). They were in living in Bali, and currently have fled to Hong Kong due to the volcano activity in Bali. Their story is definitely a look at courage, perseverance, and seeing the glass as half-full. They also have amazing pictures.

Sailing Zatara – Keith and Renee – (plus 4 kids) – This also a family I recently discovered (and how I found Adventures of a Tribe above). They decided they’d had enough of the corporate world, sold everything, and bought a {gorgeous} Beneteau Oceanis 55 foot sailboat. They do have a website which describes the boat and the crew, and how they decided to make the change, but daily life/updates are over on their YouTube channel. Their videos give a very real picture of life, and inspire me to say ‘I could do it too!’ {despite the whole kids/husband/job/I get seasick on the ocean thing}

Sailing LaVagabonde – Riley and Elayna – (plus a crew member who does videos/photos/etc for them) – An Australian couple who have been sailing the world for the last few years. They started with a monohull and earlier this year were connected with a beautiful Outremer Catamaran (somewhat a sponsored deal I think, they have a video with details). As 20 somethings adventuring around the world, it is a look at the theory that anyone can do anything if they want it bad enough. Their videos are more for an older audience (Riley likes to do things nude on occasion, butts are presented, and subject matter isn’t always for young ones), but they have fun videos and one of the things I like most is they always include some sort of history about where they are. It definitely makes me want to go visit  even more places than I already have on my list.

So, would I if I could? Sail around the world in a heartbeat on a sailboat?

YES. I am absolutely certain I’d be willing to try the Seaband, ginger tea, ear patch, etc in order to have this dream. (Doing it in this little vessel wouldn’t be so bad either – the Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 catamaran. Dream.Life.)


The Seattle Boat Show starts January 26. And Fountaine-Pajot will be there.

Never say never.

{unless you’re my husband, who is currently saying never}



3 thoughts on “Those who inspire adventure

    • Oh he’ll take me, he just won’t let me buy anything 😂. We are going to the rv show in February. We do plan to buy something (small) there.

      I can’t wait to hear about your trip. It’s going to be amazing!


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