When you figure it out

I’ve been a college student for the last few years, finishing a degree I started back in 1995. I know, that’s a long time ago. It’s been a wild ride from an architecture student at a small art college to a social science degree to a humanities degree at a huge university. I was 31 credits from finishing my degree until this morning. Now I’m 46 credits from finishing as a double major.

That’s right, with only a year left I decided to switch majors and do two. I am now officially earning an BS in Psychology. It has been a decision that came to me last week, but in reality one I’ve thought about for quite some time. I’ve always felt helping people understand their emotions and feelings is something I’m good at. I’m a good listener, not judgmental, and like helping people to find out why they do things and make sound choices.

I’m 43 and I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. My current track will now put me into graduation in summer 2022. This still allows me to take only three classes each for fall and spring terms and two in summer. Once I complete that, grad school to get an MS in Psychology and become a therapist or work in that field.

It is slightly crazy to change your mind in your last year, but it’s the first thing that I can (realistically) see myself doing. As much as I’d love to be a full time author, it’s not terribly practical, nor easy to get into.

It feels like a deep sigh to have figured out what I’d really like to do. Becoming a therapist is still years away but it feels good to finally be on the right track.

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