fullsizeoutput_38dHi, I’m Andrea. I’m a wife, mom to two humans and one semi-furry being. In 14 years we have lived in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Kentucky and Washington, and Bonn, Germany and London, England. We currently reside in Seattle.

I LOVE to read, obsessively, and I’ll read just about anything. My personal favorites are Anna Karenina, Harry Potter, biographies, and anything related to history (preferably from 1660-1945). In another life, I worked for investment firms, banks, a commodities company, a daycare, and as a nanny. I’ve been a college student (more than once), a writer, a blogger, and have been holding down a full-time mom gig for the last 16 years. It is the hardest, least appreciated job I have ever had. And I can’t imagine having to get up and go to a proper job again. (Well, yes I can. Full-time spa tester in Bali sounds like heaven to me.)

I also enjoy kayaking, hiking, wine, music and art.

On this blog I might talk about my dog, a mini-dachshund Mocha, who’s obsessed with barking at everything; a book I’m reading; politics; food, which I definitely adore; traveling, which I can’t get enough of; fashion/style, or anything at all.

Questions, comments, giving away a free trip to paradise? Let me know here: Email Me


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