fullsizeoutput_38dHi, I’m Andrea. I’m a wife, mom to two humans and one semi-furry being. We used to live in Seattle. In 14 years we have lived in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Germany, Kentucky and Washington, and London, England. We currently reside in Seattle.

I LOVE to read, obsessively, and I’ll read just about anything. My personal favorites are Anna Karenina, Harry Potter, biographies, and anything related to history (preferably from 1660-1945). In another life I worked for investment firms, banks, a commodities company, a daycare, and as a nanny. I’ve been a college student (more than once), a writer, a blogger, and have been holding down a full-time mom gig for the last 14 years. It is the hardest, least appreciated job I have ever had. And I can’t imagine having to get up and go a proper job again. (Well, yes I can. Full-time spa tester in Bali sounds like heaven to me.)

I also enjoy kayaking, wine (not at the same time though…), music and art.

On this blog I might talk about my dog, a mini-dachshund Mocha, who’s obsessed with barking at everything; a book I’m reading; politics (which I’ve fallen in like with); food, which I definitely adore; traveling, which I can’t get enough of; fashion/style, or anything at all.

Questions, comments, giving away a free trip to paradise? Let me know here: Email Me



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