Let’s be British: If you heard it for long enough you’d do it to.

I was recently told that my speech is very British in style, which did not come as much of a shock to me.  I spent 3.5 years living in a place where all I heard was a) German or b) Germans speaking in British English (and yes American English and British English are amazingly…different.)

So why wouldn’t I pick up some quirks?

For example, I say ‘quite’ quite a lot actually.  I also say ‘actually’ ala Bridget Jones a lot too.  My speech lilts up at the end of sentences on occasion and I am fond of using traditional old fashioned British words.  If you let yourself, you could learn to like the way I speak. 

My accent is another source of humor for some people.

I’m from the West Coast.  I really can’t help it if I say ru-oof for roof and lie-berry for library or that I used to say pop instead of soda.  Other amusing terms include Eye-talian (which I make a concious effort not to do, fyi).  Really, let’s pick apart little ole me and make fun (obviously people have nothing better to do.)

Now my accent also includes a distinctive Southern twang on occasion since moo-ving to Ken-tuck-ee.  Add in that I speak really fast with a Philly accent on top of it too.  I’m officially coining my accent as British-Valley-Girl-East-Coast-Southern.  No wonder I never got feedback from that Australian accent finder thing I did last year.

I’m simply unique.

Do you have an accent?  Do other people think you have one?  What words do you say that earn you amused looks?