Ameswalker Hosiery Review

Not long ago I was contacted by the Vice-President at GS Schwartz & Co, Inc. asking if I wanted to review women’s medical hosiery. Always game to try out new products I agreed. The product itself arrived and I was eager to see what made them different than regular hose.
The first thing I noticed is the strength of the product itself. Normally hosiery is very delicate and is catches and rips easily. The Ameswalker knee high I was given was very strong and durable but it had a very silky feel making wearing them comfortable. The heel is reinforced and the toes are open which at first I wasn’t sure about. After awhile it felt more comfortable that way with no seam to stick to your toes.

The top of the knee high is also different with a much tighter thicker band to keep them up. It did feel tight at first but once I adjusted to the tighter feeling it became unnoticeable. I wore these around the house for awhile and was impressed that when I took them off they didn’t leave a mark at the top like normal knee highs.

My right foot also benefitted from the tighter fit. Nearly four years ago I had surgery on my heel and even now I occasionally have pain. The compression knee high held my foot tight making it feel more comfortable than in a regular sock.
The compression hosiery product I tested was comfortable and beneficial. If you have a need for these products please visit Ameswalker at and browse through their online product catalog.