One week until…

My baby girl turns one year old. It’s going to be a tough day here since we can’t celebrate her birthday with her. Boo reminded me again this morning that Monday is her birthday and we need to make her cake (we will do this on Sunday as a family, I’ll post the results). With white frosting and pink sprinkles and one candle, he says. Is he going to make the best big brother or what? We’ll also be heading out at some point this week to buy a birthday gift, something small that we can send and save the big things for when she is home. It could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks before we have final ruling and travel dates (pray it isn’t longer than that). We did find during our monthly price check some great rates on China air to Taipei with 3 weeks notice (which will be about all the notice we will have to our pick-up day). Once that is booked we can then request dpwn to book our home visit to the US, about 60 days later. Hopefully we won’t go into the next school year but not only do we want and need a trip home we have to do this for immigration and citizenship purposes for Little Miss. If you know anything about IR3 visas or Shengen visas let me know! We have been told our travel packet and information is going in the mail this week from our agency. Now, they wouldn’t send that out unless it’s close to the time right??

I also have to figure out a very nice way to explain to family and friends that we will be doing, on the advice of adoption and attachment experts, not to mention other adoptive families, babywearing and we will be the only ones to feed, clothe and hold Miranda for the first month so she can form a very strong attachment to us. She’s gone an entire year not knowing us and we need to form that trust with her.

In other news, it’s a busy week here! Today I’ve got the birthday shopping and groceries and a huge stack of post waiting to be mailed. Tomorrow I am showing around a mom who just moved here from Michigan whom I met at school. They are fresh off the boat about three weeks now so to speak. I think I’ll take her to the fun Kaufhof parking lot in the city, I love peoples faces when they see us driving up over the curb and sidewalk to make the left back onto the train track (like you are supposed to do, but it gets a good reaction 🙂 Wednesday I am off early to Hard Rock in Cologne for the annual AWCC (Womens Club) general meeting where I am hoping to meet T who is a licsensed social worker from MD who I want to write up our post-placement adoption reports. I have only been to a few Cologne events and hardly know but a few people in the club so this is a test of my coping skills to be in a room of people I don’t know for four hours. Thursday of course is a holiday here so we may drive to the Netherlands (a different place this time) where we have discovered there are not one but two outlet shopping centers advertising being open on holidays and one is open on Sundays! Wahooo! Road trip! Friday dh has taken his “bridge day” so he can get the four day weekend and we plan to go to Kartoffel in Konigswinter for lunch and then hit the baby store for all the stuff we still need. Like baby gates, a monitor, sippy cups, toys, pajamas and socks…I could go on. We also need a closet to hold said toys and clothes! (And if you know a good baby gate that works with an open spiral staircase that does not attach to the wall – please let me know. This is the most puzzling thing to figure out.) So that’s the week. Of course there’s all the normal stuff too like laundry and cleaning to sort out but it happens when it happens (ie when I get around to it).