On Vacation

I’m heading out for vacation at the beach and this tiny little itty bitty event called BlogHer.  I doubt you’ve heard of it.  But that’s where I’ll be.  I’ll be posting if I can (from the beach or the conference, whenever the mood strikes me).
I'm going

If your going to be at BlogHer leave me a message.  I’d love to meet up!

Enjoy the week!  See you on the ninth.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Her blog break sure didn’t last long…”

Well.  I’m still on a temporary break (details to the why are here) but I also need a roomie for this years BlogHer conference in NYC.  So I posted a clever and oh so witty little ad over in the BlogHer forums.  The more I thought about it the more I thought 

well crap!  Who’s gonna want to room with someone who’s blog is on a break??

So, I’m making a little Best of-ish kind of post so people might think about offering me a place to stay.  If not I will have to commute from Jersey.  Jersey people, please don’t make me do that.  Or my family will be shacking up with me in a hotel.  Which would make it hard to enjoy the evening festivities and come in about midnight.  (My three year old is a really, really light sleeper.)

Here are links to some of my well-liked posts:

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If you have a room that needs a roommate please let me know at:

 bloggingmamaandrea {at} gmail {dot} com

Roommate found!  Yea!  I’m shacking up with Nora from Nonlineargirl!

Say What? BlogHer Goes to NYC 2010

* Update – I’ve decided to go and Hubby has given his blessing to the adventure. So BlogHer NYC, here I come. Now who is going to brave the scary IRL waters with me?

I’m double posting today because I’ve got to have this question answered asap. Skip down one post for the Awards Post and see some great links.

I’ve heard so much about BlogHer both before and now after the event I was curious what it was all about. So I went to the site. And there I discovered that next year it’s in NYC. My most favorite place in the world and a short one hour train ride from my house. Potentially I could even trip in for the day and not have to shell out the money for a hotel (I would miss out on all the after hours hoopla though…)


But is it worth it? I see that they had seminars on a variety of topics during the day that you could attend. Some food was also included (a huge bonus). Even then it is still $200 for the conference itself. Non-refundable $200. When I had signed up for the writers conference in January and then had to cancel in May when we found out we were moving the week of the conference I got back all but $50 of my $425 fee. While I did lose a little it was a risk I willingly took.

No refund though? I don’t know that I want to swallow $200 should there be a reason a year from now that I can’t attend. A lot can happen in a year. The word around the internet is that the conference will sell out and quickly. I completely understand the no refund policy, after all I’m sure the BlogHer people need to give a guarantee of sorts to the conferences sponsors of how many people will be attending (or at least how much money it will bring in). It still makes me uncomfortable promising that kind of money a year in advance with no possible chance of a refund.

Are you planning to attend the conference next year? Did you attend this years event and was it worth it? Should I just plan to head into the city during the conference to see the specific bloggers I’d like to meet or should I go whole hog and pay up?