Brussels Bound

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My Trip To Brussels

This past weekend we went to Brussels for a fun two day pick-me-up-forget-your-worries trip. It’s only a short two hour drive from here. It seemed a LOT longer when a certain five year old asked the inevitable “Are we there yet? Are we there NOW? When are we going to be there?” about every five minutes. No matter that we were driving from 8-10 pm. I guess I can’t blame him too much after all at ten pm (and 11 pm) it’s still daylight. Makes sleep a bit difficult. Then you have the excitement factor of staying in a hotel. We could have easily got a hotel room for the night right here in town and he’d have been happy. Hey, he’s easy to please.

We got in to the Marriot about 10, settled in and got a good night’s sleep. Then we had breakfast and headed out into Brussels. First we went to the Autoworld museum in the Parc Du Cinquantenaire. There were cars from 1889 and upwards. I loved looking at the Packard and other cars from the 30’s and 40’s. It’s a sort of mystical time, very Fitzgerald, jazz and flappers, you know? Boo enjoyed seeing all the cars. And so did daddy 🙂

We headed on a walking tour to see some other sites and find lunch at Boo’s request (we’d only eaten an hour earlier though). We must have walked the entire city, my feet felt like they had anyway. The weather was beautiful though. Sunny and in the high 60’s and low 70’s. We found the famous Peter Pan statue which was really neat. (We got pics for Anthony 🙂 There are seven of these statues all over the world, one in Camden, NJ and so it was really cool to see it. This weekend we will try to find another one when we go to London (that will be next week’s post 😉

We took a much needed ice cream break next. It was the best true raspberry gelato (just like I had in Italy!) and then started walking again. We met up with dh’s colleague who is now living in Brussels for dinner at this cute little Italian restuarant for some yummy pizza.

In the main square when we arrived there we a lot of weddings going on (or at least people taking pictures of people who’d just gotten married). Turns out 7-7-07 was a hugely popular day to get married, though other than an easy date to remember I don’t really get why.

Brussels was fun and I got to use some of my French which is always a thrill for me.

Next destination London. Sat-Tues. We are even doing one of those double decker bus tours. It’s going to be fun.