The Trip of a Lifetime

I know, you probably thought Taipei was the trip of a lifetime (and it was, as our little souvenir reminds me everyday at 5 am) but coming up is truly a one in a million type of trip.

We are almost 99% for sure going to Cairo, Egypt.  For five days.  Africa, only a 4 hour and 20 minute direct flight from Frankfurt.  Absolutely amazing.  I never thought about saying ‘Yes, I’ve been to Africa.  Egypt, you know?’  Because we are so close by plane and Boo recently got the Little Einstein’s video Land of the Golden Pyramid (or something like that) all about Egypt, we have been inspired to go.  Hubby has always wanted to go there and I just never thought about it.  There are recommended (though not required) shots on the CDC website.  I think that’s strictly speaking to those heading to the bush or something (Do they have bush in a desert??)  Shots were recommended for Taipei, though again not required and we survived just fine.  We knew not to drink the water, eat from a street vendor, stick to more regular foods and higher standard restaurants.  No sickness at all.  I admit to hating needles of any kind.  In this regard I am a BIG baby.  But in order to see Sphinxes, Cheop’s Pyramid, Mykerinos’ Pyramid, the Giza necropolis, Tutankhamun’s Tomb, The Temple of Luxor and even just to see the amazing Nile River is something I can not pass up.  
We plan to visit during the mid term school break in May, before too many tourists or too much heat takes over the country.  The hotel we want to stay at, the Hilton World Trade Center Residence, is all suites.  That means the kids get their own bedroom and it has a mini-fridge and a living room.  Now we all don’t have to go to bed at 8 when the kids do (though I do feel refreshed in the morning that way!)  It also is right on the Nile, has a pool and kids under 11 eat free at the hotel restaurant with the package we are looking at which is not too expensive.  That’s hard to beat.  Lufthansa also has a good price on tickets. 
I think it’s time to say Hello Egypt!
For more info on Egypt and to plan your own trip visit Egypt Tourism Site .