Review of Canon Powershot SD1100 (Ixus 80 IS)

I love this camera.  It is fantastic.  Small (unbelievably so), light, easy to use and takes fantastic pictures.  With 8 megapixels that’s even more than my Nikon D40.  It has a fast trigger too, I mean really good.  I’d say fair close to my Nikon.  The compactness of the camera was the selling point for me.  I wanted something I could pocket for Disney and that I could just keep in my bag for those times we all wish we had a camera (I can’t use that excuse anymore).  I’m very pleased with my purchase and it was only 150€ so a good bargain I’d say.
Some examples of pictures I took Wednesday:
Action shot (she was moving so slight blur)
Looking up while we were walking

Another Chick picture (Boo won’t let me take his picture)
Unedited, picture taking while driving
Our sleepy village, again while driving (Don’t worry I was safe!)
And another one

Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS/Ixus 80IS

I decided to get the Canon Powershot SD1100 IS which is known here as the Canon Ixus 80IS thanks to recommendations and reviews.  I even got it in P I N K  hehe.  I can’t wait for it to come so I can start annoying my family by always taking their picture.  Boo’s gonna LOVE that!

What’s your favorite point and shoot?

I want to use some of my Christmas money get a small point and shoot camera to keep in my bag all the time.  How often are you out and about and wishing you had your camera?  Me too.  If you have a recommendation for a good one let me know.  I saw this got excellent reviews and top ratings but I like to hear first hand from users too 🙂  Canon Powershot A1000 IS

It’s a ten megapixel with a good zoom and a bargain I think at roughly 150€.

Any thoughts on the Nikon CoolPix S560 or S550?  NIKON