I’m on the Do Not Call List but people still call me anyway

How is it that I only use a cell phone, I don’t have a landline and yet I’ve gotten more phone calls in the past four months than all of the three and half years I spent living in Germany? I get some real jems too. First is the “My name is John and I have an important messsage from the President…”

They call, on average, every single freaking day. I’m very sorry John but if it was that important and the President wanted me to know I’m pretty sure it’d be on the internet. If the economy imploded again, he got a new dog or he sported “mom jeans” I’m sure I would have read about there before you could call me to tell me the news. Thanks for calling but in the future? Please don’t.

My other favorite is this one: “I’m calling about your recent credit card transaction. Don’t be alarmed…” Alarmed? Why should I be alarmed some unidentified recorded voice is telling me about my unidentified credit card with their unidentified company? That’s right. The END button is in your future.

I also get phone calls from Thor’s school. Not the usual Thor is sick or giving Bunny Ears (hehe) but recorded calls from the school district about stupid things like…flu shots or the coming evening computer awarness program I wasn’t planning to attend anyway. They moaned on numerous occasions about my out of state phone number (since I was living in NJ when I got my phone) and how they needed me to change it so I say why? Why change it? Will it mean you’ll stop wasting my minutes with annoying recorded phone calls? Because if it does I will be down at T-Mobile first thing in the morning getting it changed.

But the legendary phone call of crap is when you answer and the recorded voice says please hang on for the next available operator and thank you for your call. Excuse me? You called me not the other way around. So No I will not be hanging by a thread waiting for you to answer.

I did manage to eliminate the middle of the night calls from the Chinese guy and Mr. Spanish Speaker (both of whom LOVE to call me at 3 am) by simply turning off my phone when I go to bed. Nothing jerks a person with slight insomniac tendencies out of a peaceful sleep faster than a ringing phone. There are only so many people who have my number. Cycling Papa, my parents and my MIL – all of which if they called me at that hour I would know some seriously BAD thing had happened. Work contacts would not be calling me in the middle of the night. So that leaves crank callers. Which is why I sleep with the phone off.

You’re going to ask me why I answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number. Have you ever not answered a ringing phone? Especially when the voicemail for said phone is kind of hit or miss if it works or not? The suspense of not knowing who called would in fact make me nuts.

Do you use a landline or are you strictly a cell phone user like me? Do you get crank calls in the middle of the night? What’s the most annoying phone call you’ve ever gotten?

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