Where’d the bookmarks/links go?

Well, every time I change my template I lose all my links and such.  So until I get it all sorted and settled on a design (which, let’s be honest, may be never) the links shall remain missing.  It’s a PIA to keep adding them when everyday I change the background and lose them again.  

I like the Pyzam backgrounds.  They are great.  What I don’t like is that the background shows up on any pics or video’s I post (hence why the couch pic looks weird.  It really isn’t that weird looking of a couch).  I guess this is because of the way the post itself scrolls but the background remains fixed (or whatever).  Despite having fixed up my blog once before (remember that nice Ireland picture and the stones on the side?) all by myself I can’t figure it out again without my little cheat template.  And that’s long gone.  I’ll continue to make weird changes.  If there are any good templates (free ones please) out there let me know.  I think I’ve been to every site there is.
And in case you’re wondering why Boo is always in head to toe navy blue – school uniform.  The shirt colors are either navy, white (HAH right!) or grey.  Pants can be khaki or navy.  So we go navy navy usually cause it’s what we’ve got.  I so look forward to next year – new school = no uniforms!

Prepare for changes and Mother of the Year

As I re-create my blog I am playing around with templates and layouts. So don’t be too surprised if one day it’s blue and the next it’s white. With Boo home with the chicken pox, I need something fun to do. He is my best critic. He always helps his mama stay in style!

Speaking of style, it’s two pm and we are still in our pajama’s. I am SO thinking the Mother of the Year people are going to give me the award this year. Oh, well, we are very comfy anyway.