Labor Day Monday: Hasay Update

In all my thinking about the holiday today, I had guessed Casey over at Half As Good As You would have forgotten that it’s also time for our once a month Hasay update. It seems I was wrong. I got the most cheerful email with the reminder to update on our exercise-healthy-living progress.

I won’t tell her about the little Voodoo doll I’m having made up that oddly looks just like her.

This month I’ve done a bit of walking. Most of it was in the last week but it still counts. We went to the Maryland State Fair yesterday (details tomorrow) and walked a ton all around the entire place. I’m also walking to and from the bus stop, twice a day. And have I mentioned that it’s uphill? I did? Well, it is the truth and someday I’ll take pictures to prove it.

I did yoga…once. I wanted to do more but at the end of a long day with kids, eh. Other things like slouching on the couch in front of the tv win. Those who know me know about my Dairy Queen obsession. Well be proud of me because I only caved once! Granted the DQ is impossibly far from our house and I couldn’t find it again if you paid me in Tagalong Blizzards but that is really besides the point. I only got one Thin Mint Blizzard after having a filling replaced because for hours afterward my mouth was still numb.

It was medically necessary you see. I needed sustenance. Blended ice cream and cookies are good for that.

That’s about all I have to update about. I’m eating fairly good – well balanced meals and fruits, veggies and all that other stuff. Because I feel weird buying junk food at the store I haven’t really bought much of that. Cycling Papa goes back home today and he’s promised to finish off the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream in the freezer. Good man.

How has your Hasay been going? If you’re not in the club are you meeting your own goals for healthy eating and living? What tips can you offer me?

Do you want to join in monthly encouragement to meet your fitness goals? Sign up over at Casey’s place. That’s Half As Good As You. You too can get a cheerful email every month just like me. We all know exercise is evil but the Hasay Groupies can help.

I’ve gained a little bit…

It’s Monday. First Monday of the month. Which means it’s HASAY update day. The HASAY creator, Casey of Half as Good as You fame has thankfully told us to only post our updates once a month.


pictured: Soehnle Hawaii Monotonic Digital Bathroom Scale.
I don’t how it’s Hawaiian but it sounds nice anyway.

If you’ve read this blog in the last month you’ll already know I’ve got a very bad rep over at Dairy Queen. I turn into this crazed woman when it comes to their Blizzards. Girls Scout Tagalongs are my favorite. Now Casey mentioned to me the other day she recently enjoyed a Thin Mint one…why can’t we get those ones here?

Thin Mint and Tagalong Cookies – any Girl Scout within a five mile radius better watch out come cookie time. You need someone to look after the cookies? You can park your cookie wagon in my garage anytime.


I’ve also been drinking the lovely Dr Pepper. Remember when I said DP in Germany was rare?

It is. It is not here in PA though.

So sugar drink 582 Andrea 0

Hmm, what else? Starbucks drive throughs are too freakin’ convenient I’ll say that much.

Suffice it to say I have not been good like Keely who’s been running or FoN who’s locked away on vacation and has time to think up good lies if she’s fallen from the wagon.

I don’t even have any good excuses except to say I haven’t been around good food like this (you know sugary preservative filled crap) in a long time.

I look forward to next months HASAY update where I can hopefully tell you I’ve been a good girl and eaten only veggies and drunk V8 and been so healthy you wouldn’t even recognize me. But if I think really hard about what’s in the freezer and pantry right now (peanut butter ice cream, two boxes of fudge brownie mix) that really would be pushing it. So yeah, I’ve gained a pound or three this month, you wanna make something of it?

Have you fallen off the wagon? Want to get back on or just learn what I’m talking about? Then head over to Casey’s at Half As Good As You and jump on the HASAY bandwagon. We welcome all new fitness victims.

*if I don’t reply to your comment, don’t worry I’m not buried under Girl Scout boxes, just boxes in general.
**as I type I’m eating Frosted Animal Cookies. I thought it said 18 cookies was a serving…turns out it’s 8.

Back to Monday

The week begins again.  It’s Monday!  We still haven’t found a place to live but we are taking a few days off while behind the scenes stuff gets settled and then we can better pinpoint specifically where we need to live.  I’m grateful for a break.  I’m in major reading and music mode these days as a distraction.  Here are some of my favorite tunes being obsessively repeated on the ipod:

I’m posting over at The Real World today talking about privacy so please stop over and give me your opinion.  We are also looking for topic ideas from readers.  What relationship topic would you like to see discussed?  Leave it in the comments here or there or I will be getting a post up this week over there asking for your ideas so you can swing by then.
I’ll have lots of random for you tomorrow.  Because random is good.
And thanks to SciFiDad for pointing out that my link to my own blog was wrong.  Yep, it’s Monday!

It’s all in the details

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a weekend.  In case you don’t know the news (and how could you not?  I mean I can scream kinda loud when the mood strikes). If you missed it then just go here to THE NEWS POST and see what I’m talking about.  Go ahead.  You really will be lost if you don’t.
Got it?
Okay good.
So, that means a lot has to happen and has happened around here. Saturday we rented out our house here to a British family for our landlord before we even told her we were moving.  She was so grateful (the family signed the lease hours after stopping by) she let us give two months notice instead of the required three.  Thereby saving us double rent for the month of August.  I love when things just work out so nicely.
Our moving coordinator is the same person who helped us during our moving here.  Awesome. She’s very nice and has it together and knows everyone so this process will be quick, easy and relatively painless.  Hopefully end of this week or next the moving company will be coming by to check out what they will be moving.  Packing and removal dates are July 1 & 2.  Even better.
Despite my claims in my news post, I’m again vetoing the minivan.  After careful study and actually looking at one, I couldn’t force myself to accept that life.  I believe a more accurate description would be something along the lines of clinging to the door handle of a station wagon in absolute fear of crossing to the dark side.  I can manage the station wagon persona, I used to drive one when we first moved here and I am still alive.
We have several leads on some very nice houses to rent in the Philly burbs.  MIL (who left today) is going to go and check them out for our double peace of mind.  The agent we are working with is extremely helpful which has been a definite plus.  
I’ve had questions as to why the kids and I moving and Hubby is not.  That is complicated.  But the brief details are that it is in the kids best interests to leave now rather than waiting five months.  Since he can’t leave his job until his contract is fulfilled it’s going to be difficult yes but not the first time we’ve done something like this.  Though this is certainly the longest amount of time.  In the end it’s what’s best for the kids so that’s what we are doing.
I’ve had questions about my mom.  She’s doing good.  She starts week three I believe of radiation treatments this week finishing in the second week of July.  So far she is tolerating everything very well and life is pretty much normal.  Thank you all for asking.
It is Monday and so I will give avery short update for HASAY.  Basically I walked a ton this week doing sightseeing stuff.  Healthy food intake: Im simply taking the fifth on that one 🙂
Today is a holiday here so I’m off to do laundry and all sorts of other fun holidayish things. Have a great Monday.

Monday Monday

It’s Monday.  Another week starts.  Of course it’s HASAY Truth Day.  Ugh.  I did okay this week. I went running yesterday (in the 75 degree temps not my most brilliant move maybe) but it felt good to get out there.  I’m getting this whole breathing while running thing down (thanks David at Dadshouse for the tips!) and that is good.  It means I’m still alive when I get back to the car. With visiting mil this week and Hubby taking days off I ‘ll be able to get out again. And bonus I don’t have to worry so much about the bikers on the path cutting me off into the bushes or the naked children on the beach during the week. Nudity and Bonn who would have thunk it?
I think I yogaed a few times this past week and other than the chips and the dreaded cookies (whose name I promise not to ever mention again) I stuck to a healthier eating plan this week. Now that blueberries are in season mm hmm.  Okay the the ice cream under the blueberries maybe negates it a bit but I swear there were more blueberries than ice cream.  We only went to Starbucks twice I think and so okay I had a 5,829 calorie latte macchiato at brunch yesterday and all that prosciutto and lovely chorizo with the marbled fat… and lets not forget the fresh mozzarella…
Where was I?  I don’t know either.  
Anyway. I hear it was Memorial Weekend.  I love this holiday because it is the kick-off of sumer and the lake.  Did I go to the lake?  No, I ran along the river and saw those naked children swimming in the filthy Rhein river though. Right alongside the commerce barges. Yuck.
My car is currently not loving moving in reverse. She coughs. That is definitely not a good thing.  Poor Lucy must have caught a cold from the kids. Probably a Not Covered By Your Lease kind of cold. No warning lights to speak of but she’s been out of sorts for a few weeks now. I am thinking I will simply pretend there is nothing wrong with her until she either breaks down (please no!) or until a light pops up telling me what the heck is wrong with her. This is a great plan huh?
Other than a houseguest it’s been a slow weekend (well there were the books). Not much to write and too much to read.  
How did you spend your holiday weekend? Did you do anything I wish I could have done? And yes this is a randomish post even though it’s Monday.

Triple Play Monday

It’s Monday and I’ve got a lot going on today.  I’m reporting here on 

Venus and Mars
about my progress in Club HASAY. Leave some love here today.
I’m also talking Men, Women and Shopping over here today:  
Venus and Mars
Stop over at Venus vs Mars to give your opinion on the differences.
And I am guest posting over at   

At Zook Book Nook I’m posting about what it’s like to be a mom and a writer and how to juggle the two.  I hope you stop over and say hello.
Okay Club HASAY.  After last week’s heckling and yelling (that I asked for, thank you everyone!) I did much better.  I did this several times this week:
Yoga sidestretch
standing side stretch my favorite, shame that’s not the background I get to do yoga in though

The weather did not cooperate enough for me to run this week (again).  It’s a new week and there’s new hope.
I did slack and ate some of these however:

I also ate a double helping of meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner last night.  Then we went to the movies (Angels and Demons) where thankfully they don’t sell salt and butter popcorn only sweet popcorn (retch).  That is one thing I can say I didn’t succumb to.
But I did make my husband take my picture with his cell with this famous guy (this is for you Crash):
The movie was great.  Love Tom Hanks!  Excellent movie, I would recommend seeing it. But then I like action flicks.  Of course the book provided so much more detail and they couldn’t work it all in but still, thumbs up from me. * For my German readers, have you ever gone to a movie in original language and had the German subtitles at the bottom?  They did that for this movie and it was really distracting.  All the others I’ve seen in original language they haven’t had subtitles.  I am wondering if this is a new thing or what.
So while I progressed in some area’s I fell again in others.  I think HASAY should make some motivational tapes you could listen to while sleeping.  We’d all do really well then.  
Are you HASAYing?  Did you meet your goals this week?  Either way keep at it!
And please, go say hello over at my other postings today!

HASAY Smashay: The Update

Oh HASAY I’ve been so bad.  It’s Monday and for those not in the know that means it’s HASAY truth time.  HASAY is this little internet club anyone can join to help you stay motivated and on the path to a healthy eating and exercising life.  Just click the HASAY guy in my sidebar if you care to join in or shout general encouragement (or heckling if you really want to) at those of us making the attempt at healthy living.
The Update:  I’ve let HASAY down.  I’ve let myself down.  The mojo motivation up and disappeared this week.  The first week I was Wahoo!  Alright!  I’m so great!  And now I sit on the couch and watch my kid do the yoga I taught him for us to do together.  And later I watch the Bourne series while eating leibniz with peanut butter and nutella.  Yeah, there’s an issue there I’m choosing not to look closely at.  

I don’t know why I’m not feeling motivated (okay I do but I’m not feeling like sharing).  I actually really enjoy yoga and running.  The running is a bit weird as I find it really hard to breathe correctly but yet I love it.  Yoga is relaxing and good for the mind and body as I already know.  
So why can’t I get it together and actually do it?  No idea.  Even the thought of swimsuit season doesn’t scare me.  I will only need to wear a swimsuit for the three days we’ll be at the beach in NJ this summer and that’s it.
swimsuit at jcrew
But a lot of the other HASAYer’s have been kicking butt and taking numbers so I’ll let them sweep me along and get back on the right track.  You can visit Casey at Half As Good As You and offer up some encouragement (but please yell at me here first alright?)