Good News Around the Globe

Well.  After my post of depressing stuff last week – I’ve got mondo awesome news to share this week!  First off, Little Lucy gets to meet her momma tomorrow.  Unfortunately it’s just a visit and she isn’t going home yet but still a blessing.  And second!  One of Chickadee’s little buddies from CY is going to be a big sister TIMES TWO!  Yes, they are now expecting twins.  I was so excited for them I couldn’t even read the entire post before I commented.  🙂  Congrats Kristin and Todd and little L too!  God is awesome huh?

In other news in our house, we have a couch!  I know it’s not on par with having a baby, but since that isn’t a choice for us, a couch it is.  And woah!  It’s a lot bigger than I remember it when we picked it out 7 weeks ago.  But comfy all the same.  I managed to fall asleep on it last night watching tv. 

The kids chilling on the new couch
We went to the Ahr Valley on Sunday and went walking among the vineyards.  It was so beautiful I think it was about 70 degrees?  Wonderful day to get out and do some walking.  After our walk we let the kids have a snack.  And what better place than the back of the trunk right?  🙂  That’s Boo eating a jello out of the boot of Lucy.

I took this pic and was fairly amazed Boo let me since he hates having his picture taken these days.  Of course he had to take mine in return.  We let him use the small camera and he takes pretty good pictures for a six year old!  We are going to the Keukenhof this weekend (my mom’s day gift – yeah!) and I think we will let him take some pics and see what he comes up with.  I’ll do a whole feature I think Pictures by Boo.

And my pic of the family.  I am really getting into photography and hopefully by Christmas I can save up enough money to get a really great dslr.