Whiney ExPat Meet-Up – This Weekend

Please see J’s Blog post for details and info. It’s this weekend! It’s in Dresden so it’s too far for me to do alone with the kids but it should be marvelous fun (Deutsche Bahn on strike will not kill the fun!).
Christina G has moved her blog, so update if you read, she’s hilarious (and her baby is the cutest to boot).
As for me, I’m trying to kick a lingering migraine (I thought post-adoption I wouldn’t be getting those anymore…hmf!) and trying to prevent Chickadee from turning the toy basket over again. Darn, I just lost that battle. Well, she’s picking it up herself this time! Geez, what am I the maid? (chef, driver, laundress, take your pick)
12 more days till my family visits and I am still looking for Berlin ideas so speak up if you’ve got any for me!
And while I’m feeling random, anyone know a psychic? I’d love to know where I’ll be living in three and a half months. Really love to know. Not going to sell my firstborn or second child (today anyway) but I’m willing to give up gummy bears (see this post for my addicition and you’ll know I’m serious) or pfefferminz choclate. I’ve been asked where in America I’d like to live. Now that’s a tough question. How about Texas? I hear The Woodlands near Houston is very nice (awesome schools and big CHEAP houses) or how about Ohio, near Dayton? Or maybe Arkansas? Southern Florida? Or…see my problem? It’s hard to decide. Plus the bonus would also be my husband having a job in any of these places. Well, that’s a small matter isn’t it? Or we could just stay here in Germany another year and just move house to something big with a yard. Maybe that’s why I have a headache. God Bless my dear husband, he keeps answering my questions (the ones I asked yesterday and the day before) without saying I make him crazy. I am sure I do make him crazy but he’s too sweet to let on.